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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Paul is doing well since his most recent surgery. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the little spoiled brat. He wants to help around the house while he mends and awaits a good word from his doctors. My patient pulled one of his fuzzy socks from the crack of the sofa that he was sacked out on all afternoon and took it to the hamper. I think he may have hidden the other one, figuring I'd put it on my list of things to look for when he runs out of favors to ask.

Yesterday, when I made the bed, he offered to plump up his own pillow a promising move in the right direction. The walker sits idle while he runs around and gets into trouble. I suppose I'll keep him. After fifty years of hands on training, "Mom" would hate to see all of her parenting and nursing skill go to waste. Besides, I know how to wrap him around my finger, when the going gets tough. Little he knows -- it is my pleasure to please him!

This week we have been thumbing through our family albums and over-stuffed shoe boxes in search of pictures suitable to be included in a video which our grandson, Daniel Risk is putting together for folks to view at our anniversary party- the then and now of it.

Funny how time slips up on us. Age spots and wrinkles provide the proof! My man Snuffy has both! Don't tell anyone, but so have I. We have weathered a few storms.

Dan has a small window of time to spend on the project: a lot of mug shots to scan, shots of bad hair days to reject, frowns and silly grins to consider. He will be moving to California in mid August to begin his freshman year's studies at Chapman University, Dodge School of Media Arts. It is our hope that our youngest grandson can find time to return to Indiana in November to help us celebrate our special occasion.

Our granddaughter, Sarah Cory and Will resides in Virginia. The mother-to-be is due to deliver her second baby around the same time, a special occasion that supersedes all others. Another great-grandchild for all of us to love, including young Caden!

Our eldest granddaughter, Lindsay Marie Terry and her husband, Matthew, are expecting their second child as well, yet another blessing will come into our world, in the spring. A special gift for Avery Isabella Terry!

When Paul and I eloped almost 50 years ago, some felt that we were foolish, no utterance of best wishes was heard. Some said it wouldn't last. We, without hesitation said, why not? Now here we are in 2007, ready to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary with a very nice group of people very close to our hearts and of our blood that think it was a very good idea.

It will soon be time for the Haverkamp reunion, which includes the Batt family, the Heltons and Kriders, the Millers, and extended families. Judy Jennings of Plano, Texas (Jan and Jerry Helton's daughter) informed me, by invitation, that the get-together will take place in beautiful Forest Park, in Brazil, at 1 p.m., the Sunday of Labor Day weekend -- Sept. 2. Each family should bring a covered dish to be shared. Also, be sure to bring chairs, pictures and a healthy appetite.

This is a great group of people. Paul and I were in attendance at one such reunion. We were invited guests of Mary Jane Batt McClaffey of Indianapolis, the family historian and a descendant of Ed and Pearl Haverkamp, longtime residents of Brazil. The Haverkamps once lived in Stringtown, good neighbors, good people!

Haverkamp's Grocery was located on the northeast corner of Hendrix and Vandalia Streets. I remember the convenient little grocery store, Mrs. Haverkamp and her namesake "Little Pearl" Roberts, as well. I can rattle off the store's inventory too. All day suckers and licorice whips were a "must have often" in those days. Jawbreakers were special too! The two Pearls took in a few shiny dimes and nickels, and dull lead pennies from my outstretched hand in those days. They made each customer feel like their only customer. They gifted me with gab and I filled their ears and tickled their funny bones. That's is nice memories!

I have gathered friendships from the branches of the Haverkamp's family tree. Today, I am remembering, that of the late, Esther Helton, an angel I once knew. The lady enjoyed being with her loved ones and looked forward to the reunions each year. It was her special day.

It is time to think about the winter store and gathering up a few things for the larder and freezers. Five dozen ears of sweet corn are waiting on the back porch for my attention and me. Paul volunteered to help before and after he read this article. See I told you that the old charm is still working.

This evening we will share a delicious roast beef dinner, that includes an excellent cut of meat provided by, JACK'S FINE FOODS, another trusted local place to shop that suits my taste!

After tidying up the mess and me, I plan on plumping the best pillow on the bed and calling it a very long day.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line at 613 N. Elm St., Brazil, Ind., 47834.