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Stanbrough wins KISS race at LPS

Monday, June 30, 2003

Jeff Bell (21) races door-to-door with Bobby Gardner (67) during Saturday night's third Pro Stock heat at Lincoln Park Speedway. Bell would go on to win his third consecutive feature at Lincoln Park Speedway.

- Bell gets 3rd straight Pro Stock win, Miles denied 3rd -

PUTNAMVILLE -- USAC Sprint Car veteran Jon Stanbrough took advantage of a late race accident by Cory Kruseman to take the 30-lap King of Indiana Sprint Series victory at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night.

Stanbrough, with a week break in the USAC schedule, took the lead in a battle with the 3m of Jim Wolfe with five laps to go in the feature and held off Tim Spindle and Matt Neely for the victory.

Kruseman was clearly the man to beat, however.

Through the first half of the race, Kruseman had accumulated almost a half-straightaway lead over his pursuers before bad luck collected him in its clutches.

With just seven laps standing between Kruseman and a $2,500 payday, the 21K of Matt Westfall spun in turn four to bring out the yellow flag. However, Kruseman was coming down the backstretch at high speed before seeing the yellow and the location of Westfall's car. Kruseman spun himself to avoid contact and in turn hit a large tire barrier in the infield damaging the front end of his car and ending his evening in 17th.

On the restart, Stanbrough battled for supremacy with Wolfe before gaining the lead with under five laps left. Stanbrough then pulled away for the win.

Coming off a USAC Sprint victory last Saturday night at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH, Stanbrough was understandably excited.

"Well (Kruseman) wasn't really getting away from us, but we weren't gaining a whole lot either. It really feels good to get here (victory lane). We haven't been doing this well early for a long time so we're really excited about the rest of the season."

Heat winners were Kris Deckard, Kevin Briscoe, Jim Wolfe and Rick Hayden.

Modified driver Shelby Miles was just as excited last week at Lincoln Park after winning his second feature in a row at the Putnamville track, but a third straight just wasn't in the cards.

Miles was forced to try and make the feature by qualifying through the Semi-feature, but a first lap pileup in turn one collected him and a handful of other cars to end his evening prematurely.

However, Travis Shoulders was running well all evening and carried his winning ways from the fourth heat race to the feature which he led wire-to-wire.

"I had a real good car tonight," commented Shoulders afterwards. "I wasn't sure what part of the track would be fast tonight. I watched the sprint feature to get an idea and it looked like the top part of the track would be a long way around so I ran a soft tire tonight. We were good real high in (turns) three and four but we had to run low in one and two."

That route worked as Shoulders held off Craig Conyer in the 31c and Paul Bumgardner in the 54 car for the victory.

Modified heat winners were Jim Moore, Conyer, Rob Brickert and Shoulders.

While Miles couldn't come through with his three-peat, Jeff Bell passed with flying colors.

Bell crossed the finish line ahead of the 7c of Michael Conner and the 5m of Mark Dickerson for his third LPS feature win in a row.

"This is a real good place for us," said Bell. "We were running really high in three and four because there was a lot of rubber down. On the yellows we'd moved low to let the tires cool off a little. But we'll be going for four straight next week."

Other heat winners were David Kikindall and Bobby Gardner.

Next Saturday night there will be fireworks at Lincoln Park Speedway along with a $1,500 to win feature for sprints. Modifieds and Pro Stocks will also be on the slate that night. Admission will be $15 for adults and $2 for children.

Lincoln Park Speedway

Saturday, June 28

Sprint Cars - A Main (King of Indiana Sprint Series (KISS)

1. Jon Stanbrough (57), 2. Tim Spindle (31s), 3. Matt Neely (17n), 4. Jim Wolfe (3m), 5. Derek Scheffel (21s), 6. Kent Christian (1c), 7. Kenny Carmichael (92), 8. Kenny Lacey (41), 9. Justin Marvel (47m), 10. Jimmy Laser (8L).

B Main (Top four advance)

1. Matt Neely (17n), 2. Kenny Carmichael (97), 3. Derek Scheffel (21s), 4. Jimmy Laser (8L).

Modified - A Main

1. Travis Shoulders (166), 2. Craig Conyer (31c), 3. Paul Bumgardner (54), 4. Cullen Goodman (14s), 5. Rob Brickert (51), 6. Ray Humphrey (75s), 7. Jim Moore (K4), 8. Phil VanSant (31v), 9. James Tumey (96T), 10. Tom Russell (1f).

B Main (Top four advance)

1. Brad Thrasher (60), 2. Jimmy Hayden (15J), 3. Gary Hayden (24H), 4. James Tumey (96)

Pro Stock - A Main

1. Jeff Bell (21), 2. Michael Conner (7c), 3. Mark Dickerson (5M), 4. Richie Hawkins (0), 5. Travis Heramb (52), 6. Arvis Sheperd (2), 7. Curt Leonard (47), 8. Steve Smiley (42), 9. Don Wood (57), 10. Chad Nolte (00).

B Main (Top five advance)

1. Don Wood (57), 2. Mark Curry (16), 3. Robb Yaw (78y), 4. Dallas King (5), 5. Ron Wallen (58).

Sprint heat races

Points awarded for place and passing

Top four in heat points advance to A Main

Heat One (place):

1. Kris Deckard (97), 2. Jon Stranbrough (57), 3. Jared Fox (56F), 4. Matt Westfall (21x), 5. Derek Scheffel (21s), 6. Jimmy Laser (8L), 7. Paul May (71m), 8. Bill Baker (99), 9. Bill Eubank (17e), 10. Tony Sevier (18).

Advancing (points): 1. Stanbrough, 2. Deckard, 3. Westfall, 4. Fox.

Heat Two (place)

1. Kevin Briscoe (5b), 2. Cory Kruseman (67), 3. Kenny Lacey (41), 4. A.J. Anderson (34), 5. Kenny Carmichael (92), 6. Joey Moughan (55m), 7. Will Newlin (72n), 8. Shawn Krockenberger (21k).

Advancing (points): 1. Briscoe, 2. Kruseman, 3. Anderson, 4. Lacey.

Heat Three (place)

1. Jim Wolfe (3m), 2. Kent Christian (1c), 3. Tim Creech (31c), 4. Justin Marvel (47m), 5. Kenny Carmichael (92c), 6. Dusty Wright (12), 7. Greg Boyd (16), 8. Dave Peperak (77), 9. Lance Hayden (8h).

Advancing (points): 1. Wolfe, 2. Christian, 3. Creech, 4. Marvel.

Heat Four (place)

1. Rick Hayden (8h), 2. Butch Winings (56w), 3. Bill Boggs (75), 4. Tim Spindle (31s), 5. Matt Neely (17n), 6. Ray Kenens (K9), 7. Danny Pollack (24), 8. Mitch Wissmiller (7w), 9. Billy Puterbaugh (7p).

Advancing (points): 1. Hayden, 2. Winings, 3. Spindle, 4. Boggs.

Modified Heat Races

Top four advance to A Main

Heat One

1. Jim Moore (K4), 2. Cullen Goodman (14s), 3. Deron Freeman (89), 4. Ray Humphrey (75s), 5. Brad Thrasher (60).

Heat Two

1. Craig Conyer (31c), 2. Phil VanSant (31v), 3. Bob Robinson (35), 4. Gary Hall (59), 5. Tom Black (12).

Heat Three

1. Rob Brickert (51), 2. Zack Fair (21K), 3. Roger Mills (42), 4. Carlos Bumgardner (34), 5. Lonnie Cassity (1).

Heat Four

1. Travis Shoulders (166), 2. Tom Bixler (66p), 3. Paul Bumgardner (54), 4. Tom Russell (1f), 5. Jimmy Hayden.

Pro Stock Heat Races

Top four advance to A Main

Heat One

1. David Kikindall (20), 2. Richie Hawkins (0), 3. Lloyd Bumgardner (7), 4. Steve Smiley (42), 5. Josh Foxworthy (E38).

Heat Two

1. Mark Dickerson (5m), 2. Michael Conner (7c), 3. Steve Bumgardner (22), 4. David Wallen (59).

Heat Three

1. Bobby Gardner (67), 2. Jeff Bell (21), 3. Travis Heramb (52), 4. Chad Nolte (00), 5. Curt Leonard (47).

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