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Fans treated to packed slate at Lincoln Park

Monday, July 28, 2003

Tate Martz finished second in the USAC Indiana Ford Focus Midget feature at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night. Josh Lakatos took the top spot.

PUTNAMVILLE -- While Indiana Sprint Week concluded southward in Terre Haute, Lincoln Park Speedway treated fans to a racing packed slate in Putnamville.

Without the sprint cars on the schedule, the Indiana Ford Focus Midgets were on hand, along with TQ Midgets, Modified Lights, UMP Modifieds and Pro Stocks and fans certainly got their money's worth on Saturday night.

In the USAC Ford Focus Midgets main event, Josh Lakatos took the checkered flag after gaining the lead from Brice Kenyon on lap 14 of the 20 lap feature race.

Lakatos moved up from his fifth starting spot to third before a yellow flag for a spin involving Stephen Graves and Ryan Litt. On the restart, Lakatos moved up to challenge Kenyon along with Trenton Darland.

Lakatos would take over the top spot when, on lap 14, he ran deep into turn one and made contact with Kenyon who would have to slow to regain control. The contact would drop Kenyon back to 17th eventually.

Once he took the lead, Lakatos fended off Tate Martz and Darland for the victory.

Afterwards, Lakatos was mostly concerned with the status of Kenyon. "I didn't mean to hit Brice (Kenyon), I got into turn one and my car caught a hole and it bounced me hard into him." However, Lakatos was quick to thank those most responsible for helping him to victory lane. "The car was really hooked up tonight," commented Lakatos. "I just really want to thank Bob East for building me such a great car and Keith Iaia at Scream because without him none of this would have been possible."

In the heat races, Robbie Ray and Darland were the victors.

In the Modifieds, Bedford's Al Flick drove his 24F to victory lane for the fourth different winner in as many weeks at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Flick didn't have an easy go at it either.

Craig Conyer started on the pole for the feature and held the early lead over Travis Shoulders and Cloverdale's Paul Bumgardner.

However, Conyer's lead was short-lived as his pursuers were rapidly joined by Flick and Paul Bumgardner who were in hot pursuit.

When a caution flag flew seven laps into the feature for a spin by Ryan Thomas, Flick and Carlos Bumgardner were doing heavy battle for the second position. The two battled side by side for several laps before Flick eventually caught Conyer along with Bumgardner.

Flick would take over the lead from Conyer who would slip back to sixth at the finish and Paul Bumgardner and a hard charging Phil VanSant would scrap for the checkered flag. But Flick would nab the trip to victory lane.

After the race, relief seemed to be the most prevalent emotion for Flick. "It feels really good to be here. I'm just glad to finally get that monkey off my back."

Dave Kikendall Jr. would get his first Pro Stock victory of the season at Lincoln Park on Saturday night with a wire-to-wire win over Jeff Bell.

The duo from Avon were the class of the field on the night with points leader Curt Leonard a close third.

In the TQ Midgets, an ecstatic Matt Arrington was the winner, taking advantage of mechanical difficulties by the feature leader to head to victory lane. "Wow, I really love Lincoln Park," commented Arrington. "A few years ago I led a race here and got my wheels packed full of mud and lost. So I was determined to make up for that tonight."

In Modified Light racing, Larry Drake was the victor in a dominating performance.

Next week at Lincoln Park Speedway will be the Northern All-Star Late Models in their first appearance at the track in quite some time. The UMP Modifieds and Pro Stocks will also be on the slate with a $15 admission price for adults, $2 for children.

Lincoln Park Speedway Results

July 26, 2003

Putnamville, IN

UMP Modified Feature Results (Top-10)

1. Al Flick (24F), 2. Paul Bumgardner (54), 3. Phil VanSant (31v), 4. Travis Shoulders (166), 5. Carlos Bumgardner (34), 6. Craig Conyer (31c), 7. Tom Russell (1F), 8. Rob Brickert (51), 9. 96TW, 10. James Tumey (96T).

Semi-Feature Winner:

1. Brent Payne (5P)

Heat One:

1. Tom Bixler Jr. (66P), 2. Craig Conyer (31c), 3. Tom Russell (1F), 4. Dave Dras (72D).

Heat Two:

1. Carlos Bumgardner (34), 2. Al Flick (24F), 3. Paul Bumgardner (54), 4. 96tw.

Heat Three:

1. Travis Shoulders (166), 2. Jimmy Hayden (15j), 3. Phil VanSant (31v), 4. Cullen Goodman (14s).

Pro Stock Feature Results (Top-10)

1. Dave Kikendall Jr. (20), 2. Jeff Bell (21), 3. Curt Leonard (47), 4. 4F, 5. Bobby Gardner Jr. (67), 6. Michael Conner (7c), 7. Arvis Shephard (2), 8. Josh Foxworthy (E38), 9. Kirby Morrow (27M), 10. Steve Smiley (42).

Semi-Feature Winner:

1. Darrin Kidwell (59)

Heat One:

1. Curt Leonard (47), 2. Dave Kikendall Jr. (20), 3. Travis Heramb (52), 4. Lloyd Bumgardner (7).

Heat Two:

1. Jeff Bell (21), 2. 4F, 3. Josh Foxworthy (E38), 4. Timmy Scraggs Sr. (8T).

Heat Three:

1. Gerald Bennett (3B), 2. Lloyd Bumgardner (7), 3. Arvis Shephard (2), 4. Ron Wallen Sr. (58).

USAC Indiana Ford Focus Midget Car Series Results from Lincoln Park Speedway

USAC Indiana Ford Focus Midgets Results:

July 26, 2003 - Putnamville, Indiana - Lincoln Park Speedway

First Heat: (8 laps) 1. Robbie Ray (#3 Ray), 2. Josh Lakatos (#4 Lakatos), 3. Tate Martz (#32 Martz), 4. Todd Hunsaker (#16 Hunsaker), 5. Stephen Graves (#86 Graves), 6. Mike Palmer (#66 3-K), 7. Brent Berry (#14 Berry), 8. Courtney Kirts (#2 Steele), 9. Jim Mills (#45 Mills), 10. Derek Crasi (#21 Immke). NT

Second Heat: (8 laps) 1. Trenton Darland (#9 Darland), 2. Brice Kenyon (#61 3-K), 3. Alex Coonan (#94 Coonan), 4. J.R. Armstrong (#03 Morgan), 5. Ryan Litt (#07 Litt), 6. Ronnie Wuerdeman (#33 Wuerdeman), 7. Brandon Hartsell (#11 Hartsell), 8. Samantha Weakley (#12 3-K), 9. Jeffrey Mayer (#46 Mayer). NT

Feature: (20 laps) 1. Josh Lakatos, 2. Tate Martz, 3. Trenton Darland, 4. J.R. Armstrong, 5. Brandon Hartsell, 6. Robbie Ray, 7. Jim Mills, 8. Todd Hunsaker, 9. Alex Coonan, 10. Mike Palmer, 11. Ryan Litt, 12. Brent Berry, 13. Stephen Graves, 14. Samantha Weakley, 15. Jeffrey Mayer, 16. Courtney Kirts, 17. Brice Kenyon, 18. Ronnie Weurdeman. NT

TQ Midget Feature Winner:

1. Matt Arrington

Modified Light Feature Winner:

1. Larry Drake

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