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Questions on IU hoops and Laker's Bryant

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Ask the Editor

Well the mailbag this week was oddly pretty much empty at the office though throughout my travails last week I did have a variety of comments/questions from folks while out and about.

So whether or not these answers will be noted by those who asked them or not remains unknown, perhaps some of my readers might find the info noteworthy.

With Indiana's basketball struggles this year, is there any chance coach Mike Davis will be fired?



Well Tony, I'm sorry to say for you and for those out there that think IU basketball ended when The General, Bob Knight was expedited out of Bloomington.

Davis is here to stay for awhile.

While many of those who want Davis out are biased due to their allegiance to Knight, there are still others who believe that he can't really coach

The truth is that while IU has had its ups and downs with several blow out losses and a pretty embarrassing display against a not very good Temple team, Davis is till molding this team.

People tend to forget that this squad only has two seniors on the entire roster and only one junior who really sees any significant court time. That translates into a rollercoaster ride of a season. Add to that the fact that one of those seniors missed a handful of time earlier this season and it becomes clearer why the Hoosiers have struggled.

The Hoosiers get almost 50 points per game out of freshmen and sophomores who are going to have their ups and downs while learning the rigors of big time college basketball.

While I admit that Davis has made some occasionally very strange displays while courtside (i.e. see all the Kentucky games), he is learning on the fly as well.

The Hoosiers made their trip to the national title game two years ago with a roster heavy on experienced seniors with several years of varsity play. Imagine an IU squad a year from now with three year starter Bracey Wright (20.4 ppg. this year), two-year starter Marshall Strickland (10.1 ppg.) along with the nation's No. 1 recruiting class coming in next Fall and a variety of experienced players returning as well.

For those clambering for Davis' head, remember that he's trying to find ways to get seven kids 19-and under to play like the juniors and seniors they are facing on other teams.

My advice to IU fans is this, this Hoosier squad will continue to get better as the year progresses. Once the squad finds a consistent third scorer this team could make some noise in the NCAA tournament.

What are your thoughts on Kobe Bryant right now?



Wow, this is a doozy alright. I'm just sorry I have some pretty stringent space constraints here for this column so I'll try to make it brief.

Frankly, I think Bryant is a ticking timebomb at the moment. With his trial over sexual assault charges heating up in Colorado and things in Lakerland simmering at the boiling point, Bryant needs to defuse somehow.

Recently placed in the injured list by the Lakers because of a severely cut finger that reportedly was caused by leaning with his hand against a glass window while unpacking some boxes, Bryant has never been more under the microscope than right now.

While I have my doubts about the story behind the cut finger, I mean really, how often have you leaned against a window and had it shatter? The best thing that could have happened was for him to get out of town, away from Shrek er I mean Shaq the profanity laden Lakers center/rapper/part-time genie/Nestle Crunch huckster who believes a foul should be called when someone so much as breathes on him.

Whether or not Bryant is guilty of the charges in Colorado or not, there is only so much one man can take. And for someone who has been pressed into growing up much faster than most, he could likely use the mental health break, if not for him, than definitely for his wife and those around him.

Well that wraps things up for this week's Ask the Editor column. Hopefully I'll be getting some more questions perhaps dealing with local sports from local folks. But for those who have asked the questions, thank you and keep them coming!

Ask the Sports Editor questions may be directed by email to redwood17257@yahoo.com or via mail at The Brazil Times/100 N. Meridian St./Brazil, IN 47834.

Questions may also be delivered in person to the office.

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