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Goodman and Walls earn LPS victories

Monday, July 19, 2004

Jay Drake (#20), Cory Kruseman (back #21) and Shane Hollingsworth battle for position during heat race action Saturday night.

Saturday night provided a wealth of quality racing at Lincoln Park Speedway as Indiana Sprint Week's visited Putnamville for the second leg of the tour after Friday's Gas City I-69 Speedway race was rained out.

With the pits full to the brim with nearly 60 sprint cars, 27 Super Stocks and 20 Bombers, fans were provided with plenty of racing at the 5/16th mile oval.

Jasonville's Cullen Goodman was the Super Stock winner after battling past hard driving Curt Leonard in the feature event.

Goodman and Leonard were the class of the field Saturday night, driving away from the rest of the pack and dueling to the late stages of the feature.

Goodman would draw away over the last couple of laps to pick up the $300 payday at LPS.

Mike Vest, Mark Blalock and Aaron Zetters were the heat winners in the class.

Lloyd Walls continued a strong run with a victory in the Bomber Class Saturday evening.

The Terre Haute driver piloted his #87 ride to victory for the second week in a row, holding off Harry Shepard to win a $200 check.

Next week at Lincoln Park Speedway, the Modifieds, Super Stocks and Bombers will share the bill with a Modified Lite Regional event as Sprint Car action for Indiana Sprint Week finishes up at The Action Track in Terre Haute.

Super Stock Feature

1. Cullen Goodman, 2. Curt Leonard, 3. Mark Blalock, 4. Doug McCullough, 5. David Kikendall Jr., 6. Jeff Wellum, 7. Jeff Allen, 8. Aaron Zetters, 9. Mike Vest, 10. Bruce Stantz, 11. Kirby Morrow, 12. Gary Hayden, 13. Lloyd Bumgardner, 14. Joe Starks, 15. AJ Smith, 16. Michael Conner, 17. Bobby Price, 18. Wes Freeland, 19. Jay Carpenter, 20. Randy Newport

Semi winner: AJ Smith

Heat winners: Vest, Blalock, Zetters

Bomber Feature

1. Lloyd Walls, 2. Harry Shepard, 3. Derrall Smallwood, 4. Travis Heramb, 5. Dale Lewis, 6. Michael Wright, 7. Ron Wallen Sr., 8. Tom Williams, 9. David Bumgardner II, 10. Gregg Riser, 11. Ron Smith Jr., 12. Robb Yaw, 13. Herb McIntire, 14. Justin Cary, 15. Jeremy Taylor, 16. Dustin Colvin, 17. Sean Yakel, 18. Kevin Helton (DNS), 19. Joe Stewart (DNS)

Heat winners: Wright, Cary, Colvin

From USAC reports

Cory Kruseman has put himself back into contention in the 17th Valvoline "Indiana Sprint Week" series.

Kruseman led all but the opening circuit to capture the second leg of the seven-race series, winning the 30-lap Valvoline National Sprint Car Series feature at Lincoln Park Speedway, the second time in three years the Ventura, Calif. native triumphed at the 5/16-mile dirt track.

"You're definitely using a lot of the track, at least I was," said Kruseman, who drove the Tony Stewart Racing/Mopar -- Vital Express/Eagle Mopar. "But really, it worked out good for us. I like coming to this place."

It wasn't easy for the "Kruser" though. He had to hold off challenges from Dickie Gaines throughout the entire feature, with Gaines leading the first lap and placing the nose of his car in front of Kruseman's car from time-to-time.

Gaines led lap one after swinging past Kruseman in turn two. But Gaines relinquished the point on lap two, sliding up the track in turn two to allow Kruseman the opportunity to pass. He charged ahead, leaving Gaines to do battle with J.J. Yeley and Josh Wise.

But after holding a six-car length lead on lap six, Gaines began reeling Kruseman in. He was only four car lengths at the start of lap seven and closed on his rear with a caution on lap eight.

Gaines and Yeley stuck to Kruseman's rear on the restart to make the battle for the lead threefold, but Yeley quickly fell back while Gaines held close.

For the next 14 laps, though, the gap between the top two cars fluctuated tremendously. Kruseman led by as many as seven car lengths and as few as three car lengths. All the while, Kruseman used the top groove while Gaines drove around the track on the bottom.

On lap 22, Gaines had a great shot to make the pass for the lead. He and Kruseman approached a slower car in turn one, and as they tried to split the car, it slid in front of Gaines and allowed Kruseman additional breathing room.

Once by, Gaines tried again to catch Kruseman utilizing the heavily used top groove. He did again on lap 28 as the cars exited turn two. The yellow came out for the final time though as Brian Gerster spun on the backstretch.

Kruseman pulled away on the restart, but Gaines challenged for second after two turns. He had two more chances to make the pass for his first USAC sprint victory.

On lap 29, Gaines tried to pass Kruseman on the top shelf in turn two, but he slid high and lost a touch of momentum. He caught Kruseman again on the white flag lap, only to slip again in turn three, giving Wise the opportunity to catch Gaines for second. Just after Kruseman crossed under the checkered flag for his second national win of the year, Gaines held second over Wise by less than a car length. Levi Jones and Bud Kaeding rounded out the "top five."

The win was a big boost for Kruseman's second Valvoline "Indiana Sprint Week" title in three years. He won four of seven races, including the first three, in 2002 en route to a runaway victory in the series. He said he was happy just to make the race though after having come though the semifeature.

"We're really excited," Kruseman said. "There was a lot of tough competition. We didn't even think we were going to make it out of the semifeature."

Dave Darland lapped the track in 12.920 seconds in qualifying. Marc Jessup and Scott Martin won the two six-lap qualifying races, while Damion Gardner, Tony Elliott, Kris Deckard and Josh Ford triumphed in eight-lap heat races. Darland won the 12-lap semifeature.

Jay Drake continues to hold the season point lead over Kaeding while Jones took the point lead in "Indiana Sprint Week", holding a slim two-point advantage over Wise with a 125-123 score. Gaines is third, with Kaeding and Kruseman sitting fourth and fifth in the standings.

The seven-race Valvoline "Indiana Sprint Week" continues Sunday with the third leg of the series, taking place at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt.

USAC VALVOLINE NATIONAL SPRINT CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: July 17, 2004 -- Putnamville, Indiana -- Lincoln Park Speedway -- 17th Valvoline "Indiana Sprint Week"

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Dave Darland, 2, Reid-12.920; 2. Josh Wise, 67, Kunz-13.033; 3. Levi Jones, 2B, 2B Racing-13.150; 4. J.J. Yeley, 75, Stanton-13.218; 5. Kevin Briscoe, 5, Bricsoe-13.222; 6. Matt Westfall, 21R, Roberts-13.242; 7. Davey Ray, 21x, Roberts-13.265; 8. Dickie Gaines, 70, Gaines-13.284; 9. Cory Kruseman, 21, Stewart-13.287; 10. John Scott, 83, Scott-13.292; 11. Shane Cottle, 10E, Edison-13.294; 12. Danny Williams Jr., 57w, Robinson-13.356; 13. Shane Hollingsworth, 21H, Hajduk-13.427; 14. Kyle Wissmiller, 2k, Wissmiller-13.438; 15. Brian Gerster, 42G, Jackson-13.447; 16. Tom Hessert, 5H, Hessert-13.453; 17. Jay Drake, 20, Stewart-13.462; 18. Brian Tyler, 6, KMS-13.508; 19. Bud Kaeding, 29, BK-13.510; 20. Kevin Newton, 77, Law-13.523; 21. Charles Davis Jr., 8A, Smiley-13.541; 22. Tony Elliott, 11, Walker-13.545; 23. Kevin Doty, 25, Chrisman-13.566; 24. Critter Malone, 26, BWB-13.572; 25. Brad Kuhn, 8R, Lambertson-13.653; 26. John Wolfe, 3m, Botkin-13.666; 27. Kris Deckard, 97, Deckard-13.682; 28. Justin Marvel, 47, MPHG-13.699; 29. Damion Gardner, 2A, Smiley-13.708; 30. Brian Lee, 2H, MPHG-13.716; 31. Jon Stanbrough, 69, Dynamics-13.747; 32. Josh Ford, 73, Ford-13.751; 33. Rick Hayden, 17E, Eubank-13.784; 34. Darren Hagen, 11m, McMinn-13.835; 35. Marc Jessup, 14J, Jessup-13.835; 36. Scott Martin, 125, Martin-13.840; 37. Mike Spencer, 62, BWB-13.929; 38. Jimmy Laser, 8L, Laser-13.933; 39. Michael Burthay, 21B, Burthay-13.934; 40. Rick Ziehl, 14, Lancaster-13.950; 41. Kent Christian, 1c, Christian-13.969; 42. Bobby Smith, 8, Epperson-13.982; 43. A.J. Anderson, 57, Hazen-13.995; 44. Chris Kopczynski, 23x, Kopczynski-14.018; 45. Ted Hines, 12, Hines-14.075; 46. Aaron Mosley, 27, Mosley-14.084; 47. Scotty Weir, 22w, Weir-14.158; 48. Mark Hall, 2L, Hall Mark-14.193; 49. Kevin Chambers, 18, DC Motorsports-14.218; 50. Chris Urish, 77u, Urish-14.219; 51. Brandon Lane, 97H, Lane-14.248; 52. Karl Roethemeier, 13k, Roethemeier-14.484; 53. Beau Binder, 25x, Binder-14.551; 54. Alex Pruett, 11p, Pruett-15.285; 55. Mat Neely, 17, Neely-16.013; 56. Danny Pollock, 24, Pollock-18.374; 57. Shawn Krockenberger, 21k, Krockenberger-NT; 58. Kurt Gross, 48, Gross-NT.

QUALIFYING RACE #1: (6 laps) 1. Jessup, 2. Hayden, 3. Burthay, 4. Christian, 5. Spencer, 6. Anderson, 7. Weir, 8. Chambers, 9. Binder, 10. Lane, 11. Hines. 1:25.39

QUALIFYING RACE #2: (6 laps) 1. Martin. 2. Ziehl, 3. Hagen, 4. Neely, 5. Laser, 6. Urish, 7. Pruett, 8. Hall, 9. Kopczynski, 10. Mosley. 1:23.89

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Gardner, 2. Davis, 3. Drake, 4. Hollingsworth, 5. Kruseman, 6. Darland, 7. Jessup, 8. Briscoe, 9. Kuhn. 2:20.91

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Elliott, 2. Lee, 3. Wise, 4. Scott, 5. Tyler, 6. Westfall, 7. Wolfe, 8. Hayden, 9. K.Wissmiller. 2:22.41

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Deckard, 2. Stanbrough, 3. Kaeding, 4. Jones, 5. Doty, 6. Ray, 7. Gerster, 8. Martin, 9. Cottle. 2:22.02

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Ford, 2. Gaines, 3. Malone, 4. Yeley, 5. Williams, 6. Marvel, 7. Ziehl, 8. Newton, 9. Hessert. NT

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Darland, 2. Kruseman, 3. Kuhn, 4. Gerster, 5. Tyler, 6. Williams, 7. Marvel, 8. Ziehl, 9. Westfall, 10. Hessert, 11. Doty, 12. Martin, 13. Hayden, 14. Jessup, 15. Wolfe, 16. K.Wissmiller, 17. Briscoe, 18. Ray, 19. Cottle. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Cory Kruseman, 2. Dickie Gaines, 3. Josh Wise, 4. Levi Jones, 5. Bud Kaeding, 6. Shane Hollingsworth, 7. Tony Elliott, 8. Brian Lee, 9. Josh Ford, 10. Danny Williams Jr., 11. Jay Drake, 12. Dave Darland, 13. Damion Gardner, 14. Brian Tyler, 15. Mike Spencer, 16. Tom Hessert, 17. Kris Deckard, 18. John Scott, 19. Brad Kuhn, 20. J.J. Yeley, 21. Charles Davis Jr., 22. Brian Gerster, 23. Jon Stanbrough, 24. Critter Malone. NT

Roethemeier flipped during qualifying. K.Wissmiller flipped during the second heat. Marvel flipped during the fourth heat. Cottle flipped during the semi.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Gaines, Laps 2-30 Kruseman.

NEW NATIONAL SPRINT CAR STANDINGS: 1-Drake-853; 2-Kaeding-698; 3-Kruseman-683; 4-Jones-646; 5-Darland-597; 6-Tyler-588; 7-Elliott-530; 8-Ford-432; 9-Jason McCord-406; 10-Wise-402.

NEW VALVOLINE "INDIANA SPRINT WEEK" STANDINGS: 1-Jones-125; 2-Wise-123; 3-Gaines-110; 4-Kaeding-106; 5-Kruseman-105.

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