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Cummins wins first at LPS

Monday, August 22, 2005

PUTNAMVILLE -- Princeton, IN native, Kyle Cummins celebrated his first sprint car win at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night, slipping past Mark Clark early in the 25-lap feature and cruising to a convincing win.

The 17-year old held off a determined field and a hard charging group that included Shawn Krockenberger, Kenny Carmichael Jr., Jason Robbins, Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Brady Short, who garnered his first sprint win at Bloomington on Friday night.

Carmichael Jr. started eighth, just behind Krockenberger, and the pair wasted little time in moving to the front. Carmichael Jr. navigated into a position to challenge for the top spot when he slipped into third place with a nice slide job before a red flag flew for Jimmy Laser who got upside down in turn four. His sprinter's engine caught fire, but he was able to escape injury in the crash though his evening came to a premature close.

On the restart, Carmichael Jr. was in third place behind Clark and Krockenberger was able to slip past Robbins into fourth overall. However, Carmichael got into the loose stuff high off four and both Krockenberger and Robbins were able to take advantage by moving up a spot late in the race.

Meanwhile, Cummins was off to the races at the point and proved to be uncatchable for Clark in the REMax, Midwest Real Estate machine. Carmichael was able to get back past Robbins in the closing laps to take fourth behind Krockenberger and Robbins took fifth.

The UMP Modified feature got off to a bit of a dicey start as a multicar pileup on the first lap erased eight cars from competition before one lap was even scored.

The pileup proved especially rough for Matt McDonald who ended up on his roof on the front stretch, but was uninjured.

The rest of the feature was a battle of attrition with Richie Lex taking the early advantage through the first part of the race with Wes McClara and both Paul and Carlos Bumgardner close behind. Paul Bumgardner would move up to the second spot with Lex seemingly poised to pick up his second straight win at the Putnamville oval. But is night would come to an early end too as the rear end of his car let go with a handful of laps remaining, ending his evening and sending Bumgardner to the front. Gary Hall would cruise home second followed by Phil VanSant, Travis Shoulders and Jay Humprey as just seven cars completed the entire race.

In the Super Stock class, Paul Wright was in the right place at the right time, running third to a very tough Doug Arnold and Dan McCullough who blasted his way through the field from 11th to give Arnold a final lap battle.

Arnold led the entire race followed closely by Kris Starks and David Kikendall Jr. in the early going. Starks would remain a contender for the entire race and was running third behind Wright late in the race as McCullough flew into the picture. He would overtake Starks with just a couple of laps left and was able to edge out front of Arnold on the final lap when the two tangled in turn four. Wright was able to get past both for the victory and Doug McCullough got up to second ahead of Starks, Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Karlie Holt.

The evening of firsts continued in the bomber class as Travis Heramb continued the Terre Haute dominance with his first ever win.

Heramb was forced to hold off a very determined Richie Hawkins in the process and was able to use a lapped car late in the race to stave off a final challenge from Hawkins and Kenny Carmichael Jr.

Heramb, driving the Grease Monkey/Carmichaels's Exhaust machine, led nearly wire-to-wire in the race as Hawkins came from 15th place for the late race challenge. Meanwhile, Heramb had to deal with Carmichael and David Bumgardner during the early going before Hawkins came onto the scene.

However, Heramb was up to the task over the last couple of laps as Hawkins challenged seriously once with just a lap remaining. The pair came upon a lapped car and Heramb slipped around on the high side while Hawkins got stuck and lost the momentum he had built. Heramb came home the winner followed by Hawkins, Carmichael Jr., Bumgardner and Joey Archer.

In the Faster Pastor school bus race, Bob Beltz took home the victory to beat out Rosedale Baptist Church's Randy McPike for the victory.

Next week will be the rescheduled Putnamville Clash event for sprint cars that pays $2,000 to the victor. Also on the card will be UMP Modifieds, Super Stocks and Bombers.

Sprint Feature

1. Kyle Cummins, 2. Mark Clark, 3. Shawn Krockenberger, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Jason Robbins, 6. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 7. Brady Short, 8. Jo Kerr, 9. Tim Creech II, 10. Troy Link, 11. Jeremiah Vanosky, 12. Rex Norris III, 13. Travis Thompson, 14. Hud Cone, 15. Kyle Wissmiller, 16. Bobby Stines, 17. Jimmy Laser, 18. Jim Mills, 19. Kent Christian, 20. Aaron Mosley, 21. Danny Pollock, 22. Jeremy Mint

Heat winners: Mark Clark, Kyle Cummins, Tim Creech II

UMP Modified Feature

1. Paul Bumgardner, 2. Gary Hall, 3. Phil VanSant, 4. Travis Shoulders, 5. Jay Humphrey, 6. Al Flick, 7. Rick Fulford, 8. Brad Robinson, 9. Richie Lex, 10. Wes McClara, 11. Carlos Bumgardner, 12. Brian Black, 13. Tom Russell, 14. Schuyler Nahre, 15. Jimmy Hayden, 16. Kenny Brewer, 17. Chris Kerl, 18. Chris Brewer, 19. Matt McDonald, 20. Don Grant

B-main winner: Chris Kerl

Heat winners: Paul Bumgardner, Jay Humphrey, Wes McClara

Super Stock Feature

1. Paul Wright, 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Kris Starks, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Karlie Holt, 6. David Bumgardner, 7. Anthony Walker, 8. Curt Leonard, 9. Ben Williams, 10. Lloyd Bumgardner, 11. Dennis Morgan, 12. Donald Smiley, 13. Mark Dickerson, 14. Scott Carrington, 15. Derek Groomer, 16. Doug Arnold, 17. Dan McCullough, 18. David Kikendall, 19. Joe Jeffries, 20. Donnie Shoemaker, 21. Joe Starks

B-main feature: Derek Groomer

Heat winners: Kris Starks, David Bumgardner, Paul Wright

Bomber Feature

1. Travis Heramb, 2. Ritchie Hawkins, 3. Kenny Carmichael, 4. David Bumgardner, 5. Joey Archer, 6. Kevin Kemp, 7. Arvis Shepard, 8. Lloyd Walls, 9. Ron Smith, 10. Michael Wright, 11. Ron Wallen Jr., 12. Ron Wallen Sr., 13. Sean Yakel, 14. Mike Bruce, 15. Justin Cary, 16. B.J. Brewer, 17. Kevin Helton, 18. Harry Shepard, 19. Travis Garrity, 20. James Cass, 21. Marlin Burns, 22. David Wallen

B-main winner: Lloyd Walls

Heat winners: Harry Shepard, Travis Heramb, Marlin Burns

Bus Feature -- Faster Pastor

1. Bob Beltz, 2. Randy McPike, 3. Matt Bumgardner, 4. Troy Trout, 5. Ernie Rush, 6. Dana Spurgeon

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