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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4-H awards given

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Award winners. Erin Pell and Summer Fagg show off the awards they received during the recent Clay County 4-H Fall Achievement program.

The Clay County 4-H Fall Achievement Program was held recently. The following awards were presented:

- Scholarship awards were presented to Amy Wolfe and Keesha Knox.

- Aerospace: Grades 3-5, Dustin Kellum; grades 6-8, Mitchell Riddell; and grades 9-12, Anastasia Reynolds; poster grades 6-8, Wesley Powell.

- Aquatic science: intermediate, Nicholas Joyner; advanced, Kaleb Ratcliff.

- Archery: Grades 3-4, Beth Allard; grades 5-6, Daniel Stevens; grades 7-9, Brent Ferre and in grades 10-12, Justin Moyer garnered the award.

- Bees: Division 2, Matthew Trout took home the award.

- Cake decorating: Beginner, Clara Butts; intermediate, Whitney Moore, and advanced, Allison Koehler.

- Cat poster: Grades 3-5 was won by Kaitlin Urban; grades 6-8, Briana Guerrettaz; and in grades 9-12, Melissa Chrisman won.

- Ceramics: Beginner award went to Bradley Allen; intermediate, Cassie Long; and advanced was won by Amber Long.

- Fine arts: Bonnie Froderman won the fine arts beginner category while the intermediate winner was Rebecca Seymour. Advanced award went to Alysia Gilbert.

- Miscellaneous crafts: Beginner was won by Symone Kellum with intermediate going to Travis Urban and advanced being won by Brittany Brown.

- Model building: Beginner, Jordan Vanhorn; intermediate, Kolby Henke; and advanced, Matthew Lemmons.

- Needlecraft: Beginner winner was Katie Smith, and in the advanced category, the winner was Sarah Boone.

- Child development: Division 1, Symone Kellum; division 2, Katie Smith; division 3, Krista Wilson, division 4, Mary Stevens; and division 5, Ashley Baughman.

- Collections: Beginner was won by Logan Maybaugh, while collections intermediate was awarded to Lindsey Moss, and the advanced caterory went to Susan Mcgranahan.

- Computer arts categories were: Grades 3-5, Katie Urban; grades 6-8, Travis Urban; and grades 9-12, Emily Taylor.

- Comsumer clothing: Beginner was won by Allison Brown, with intermediate being presented to Larissa Staley, and Christina Chrisman won the advanced category.

- Corn: Beginning award went to Conner Modesitt, while intermediate was won by Jazmine Kellum, and advanced was presented to Chet Cooprider.

- Hay and forage: Intermediate, Brent Ferree, and advanced, Alex Gerber.

- Soybean: Beginner, Ethan Stevenson; intermediate, Jeremy Burger; and advanced, Chet Coopirder.

- Wheat advanced, Estil Caton.

- Dog poster: Grades 3-5 went to Kaitlin Urban, grades 6-8 was awarded to Travis Urban, and grades 9-12 was awarded toMegan Zuel.

- Electric: Division 1, Dustin Kellum; division 2, Jamie Miller; division 3, Bradley Wilson, division 4, Ben Powell; division 5 and above, Tristand Tucker. Entomology grade 4 winner was Michael Schopmeyer, while grade 7 went to Tyler Moon.

- Flower: Division 1, Jacob Musgrave; division 2, Amber Long; division 3, Symone Kellum; division 4, Whitney Moore; advanced, Courtney Dayhuff.

- Foods: Level A, grade 3, Sarah McDonald; level A, .Grade 4, Allison Stevenson; level B, grade 5, Hannah Van Horn; level B, grade 6, Megan Sinders; level C, grade 7, Rebecca Seymour; level C,Grade 8, Brittany Jones; level C, grade 9, Bryleigh Schopmeyer; level D, grade 10, Ashley Baughman; level D, grade 11, Jenna Koehler; level D, grade 12, Keesha Knox.

- Food preservation: Level A, grade 3, Sarah McDonald; level A, grade 4, Parker Modesitt; level B, grade 5, Symone Kellum; level B, grade 6, Jazmine Kellum; level C, grade 7, Justin Siples; level C, grade 8, Mitch Riddell; level C, grade 9, Bryleigh Schopmeyer; level D, gr ade10, Brittany Brown; level D, grade 11, Susan McGranahan. Inroductory Forestry unit 1 was won by Austin Sinders, while unit 2 was awarded to Conner Modesitt. General forest Hc-trees, division 3 was awarded to Ashley Miller.

- Garden singles: Llevel A, grades 3-4, was Wyatt Halfhill; garden collections, level B, grades 5-6, winner was Wesley Powell. Garden herbs, level B, grade 5-6 was awarded to Jazmine Kellum; garden singles, level B, grades 5-6, Wesley Powell; garden singles, level C grades 7-9, Kori Bridgewater; garden singles, level D, grades 10-12, Erin Bridgewater; garden collection, level D, grades 10-12, Melissa Mcintire; garden, Potato, Braeden Jones; windowsill garden, divisioin 1, Jamie Hinton, windowsill garden, division 2, Roy Brough; windowsill garden, division 3, Kaitlin Urban; windowsill garden, division 4, Lindsey Moss; 10x10 Garden, beginner, Micah Caton; 10x10 Garden, intermediate, Baylen Souder; 10x10 Garden, advanced, Malcolm Mclin.

- Genealogy: Division 2, Arika Bowles; Megan Zuel, genealogy advanced.

- Geology: Division 2,Chelsea Stevens; division 3, Ben Powell; division 4 and above, Ashley Baughman

- Gift wrapping: Division 1, Symone Kellum; division 2, Emma Koehler; division 3, Jenae Huffman; divisioin 4, Kenzi Butts

- Gift wrapping, advanced, Corey Moss.

- Goat poster, intermediate was Melinda Jackson, while the advanced award went to Brittney Brown.

- Health: Level B, grade 5 winner, Kaitin Urban; level B Grade 6, Ben Powell; level C grade 7, Jamie Hinton; level C, grade 8, Travis Urban; level D, grade 10, Jennie Pell.

- Home enviornment: Division 1, Elizabeth Haviland; division 2, Ashley Miller; division 3, Melissa Chrisman; and division 4, Larissa Staley.

- Microwave: Grade 3, Shelby Tergett; grade 4, Megan Watts; grade 8, Lucus Ledgerwood; grade 10, Jennie Pell; grade 11, Allison Koehler.

- Personality: Division 1, Symone Kellum; division 2, Amber Long; division 3, Summer Fagg; division 4, Bryleigh Schopmeyer; division 5 and up, Melissa Chrisman.

- Photography: Beginning black and white, Kaylee Miller; intermediate black and white, Travis Urban; advanced black and white, Melissa Chrisman; beginning color, Thomas Rohrabaugh; intermediate color, Travis Urban; black and white salon, Mitch Riddell; intermediate color salon, Mitch Riddell; intermediate digital salon print, Mitch Riddell; advanced black and white salon, Corey Moss; advanced color salon, Corey Moss.

- Poultry poster: Grades 3-5, Wesley Powell; grades 6-8, Mitch Riddell; grades 9-12, Brittney Brown. Rabbit poster winners were: grades 3-5, Erika Enstrom; grades 6-8, Thomas Webster; grades 9-12, Becky Kinser. Recycling winners were: beginning, Symone Kellum; intermediate, Baylen Souder; advanced, Susan Mcgranahan. The winners in scrapbooking were: grade 3-5, Cami Yocom; grade 6-8, Kayla Duregger; grade 9-12, Summer Fagg.

- Sewing: Grade 3, Tori Rohrabaugh; non-wearable grade 3, Sarah McDonald; grade 4, Lauren Reberger; non-wearable grade 4, Megan Klotz; grade 6, Emma Koehler; grade 7, Stephanie Schroer; school wear, Larissa Staley; dress up wear, Larissa Staley; separates, Danica Neier; free choice, Allison Koehler; non wearable grade 12, Brianna Rice. Small engine winners were: beginning, Daylan Chambers, and in the intermediate category, Baylon Souder.

- Soil and water conservation: Level B, grade 5, Wesley Powell; level B, grade 6, Ben Powell; level C, grade 8, Travis Urban. Strawberry winners were: division 2, Sabrina Liechty, and division 5, Megan Zuel.

- Tractor poster: Grades 3-7 was Ben Powell.

- Veterinary science: Unit 1, Sabrina Liechty; unit 2, Danielle Steiner; unit 3, Christina Chrisman. Weather division winners were: division 1, Kayla Sebastian; division 3, Jamie Miller; and division 4, Stacy Reynolds.

- Weeds: Division 2 winner was Megan Klotz, while wildlife birds level A, grade 3 was awarded to Wyatt Halfhill.

- Wildlife mammals: Level A, grade 4 was awarded to Kelly Mccullough. Wildlife level B, grade 5 went to Levi Seymour, and level D, grade 10 was awarded to Sarah Boone.

- Woodworking: Grade 3, Nathaniel Duregger; grade 4, Katherine McDonald; grade 5, Michael Duregger; grade 6, Mark Kinser; grade 7, Derek Liechty ; grade 8, Mitchell Piddell; grade 10, Matthew Lemmons; grade 11, Steven Schopmeyer; grade 12, Jeremiah Ledgerwood.

Exhibit hall grand champion trophies were awarded to: aerospace, Anastasia Reynolds; aquatic science, Kaleb Ratcliff; archery, Daniel Stevens; bees, Matthew Trout; cake decorating, Allison Koehler; cat poster, Kaitlin Urban; ceramics, Amber Long; child development, Mary Stevens; collections, Lindsey Moss; computer arts, Travis Urban; consumer clothing, Larissa Staley; crops - corn, Jazime Kellum; crops - soybeans, Jeremy Burger; crops -- hay and forage, Alex Gerber; crops - wheat, Estil Caton; dog poster, Kaitlin Urban; electric, Tristand Tucker; entomology, Tyler Moon; fine arts, Alysia Gilbert; flowers, Whitney Moore; foods, Brittany Jones; food preservation, Mitch Riddell; forestry, Conner Modesitt; garden, Wyatt Halfhill; 10x10 gardening, Malcom Mclin; genealogy, Megan Zuel; geology, Ashley Baughman; gift wrapping, Jenae Huffman; goat poster, Brittney Brown; health, Katie Urban; home environment, Larissa Staley; microwave, Allison Koehler; misc. crafts, Travis Urban; model building, Matthew Lemmons; needlecraft, Sarah Boone; personality, Summer Fagg; photography, Corey Moss; poultry poster, Brittney Brown; rabbit poster, Becky Kinser; recycling, Susan McGranahan; scrapbooking, Cami Yocum; sewing, Larissa Staley; small engines, Daylan Chambers; soil and water conservation, Ben Powell; strawberries, Megan Zuel; tractor poster, Ben Powell; veterinary science, Christina Chrisman; weather, Stacy Reynolds; weeds, Megan Klotz; wildlife, Sarah Boone; windowsill garden, Kaitin Urban; woodworking, Mitch Riddell.

The Action demostration champions are: electric, Ben Powell; foods, Kayla Duregger, Nathan Duregger, Mitch Riddell, Michael Duregger, Micah Caton, Spephanie Liechty, and Brittany Brown; health, Megan Zeul; soil and water, Wes Powell.

The foods division I winner was Sarah Mcdonald, and the clothing Grand Champion was Larissa Staley. The Kroger Culinary Award was presented to Brittany Jones.

Electric awards this year were presented to: Dustin Kellum, Jamie Miller, Bradley Wilson, Ben Powell and Danny Crawn. The Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor award was presented to Linc Pace. The Marrs Award was presented to Cam Shidler, and the Goat Club Outstanding Achievement Award went to Johanna Moore. Horse and Pony awards were presented to Seth Thompson, who received the Junior Belt Buckle Award sponsored by Bryan and Linda Pell In memory of Chester Pell.

This year's Overall High Point Of Show award goes to Charlynn Turner who received a silver belt buckle sponsored by Kenny Stevenson in memory of Ray Stevenson.

The Ball Corp. award winners were Mitch Riddell and Danielle Steiner, and Cam Shidler was the winner of the Round Robin award Jacket.

Five-year pins were awarded to Cheryl Stevens, Denise Bridgewater, Marvin Strauch, and Dawn Minor; 10-year pins were awarded to Randy Staley and Sherry Wiora; a 15-year pin was awarded to Julie Delvo; a 20-year pin award went to Susan Modesitt.

The 4-H leaders recognized for their hard work were: 4-Ever Achievers, Martha Tempel; 4-H Forever, Karen Burk and Courtney Lash; Archery Club, Tim Stevens and Perry Shaw; Blue Ribbon Winners, Martha Turner; Busy Bees, Margaret Bowman, Shelley Mace and Lori Pell; Cat Club, Sherry Wiora; Clay Coounty Junior Leaders Advisors, Lilli Menelly and Kim Mitten; Clay County Plowers, Marvin Strauch and Jesse Minor; Clever Clovers, Sally Liechty and Dee Targett; Dog Club, Cheryl Vencel; Hare Raisers, Rosie Dryer; Hhhh Club, Susan Modesitt, Kathy Rendent and Dawn Minor; Horse and Pony Club, Bryan and Linda Pell, Tony and Ronda Modesitt, Brad and Mary Ann Thompson and Mike and Sue Urban; Jackson Township Farmhands, Cathy Smith and Dianna Knox; Kidding Around Goat Club, Linda Jackson and Elaine Mace; Laker Leaders, Cheryl Stevens and Peggy Crowe.

Also recognized were; Lucky Clovers, Michelle Burk; Pioneer Happy Hustlers, Jerry Sands and Susan Steiner; Rabbit Rascals, David and Cheryl Brinson and Rebecca Navel; Southern Pride, Brent Knox, Randy Staley and Jeff Gerber; Sugar Ridge Climbers, Judy Reynolds; The Big Green, Denise Bridgewater and Debbie Sebastain; Van Buren Hustlers, Marlene Halfhill, Martha Knox and Cassie Smith; Willing Workers, Wanda Caton and Julie Delvo.

Present 4-H Club Charter awards were presented to: Standard Club Ratings, Lucky Clovers, and Laker Leaders.

Eleven junior leaders earning Achievement Certificates this year were Anna Bowman, Chris Bowman, Summer Fagg, Callie Froderman, Sabrina Leighty, Stephanie Leighty, Emily Loudermilk, Brandon Miller, Erin Pell, Addie Wade, Amy Wolfe

Outstanding first year junior leaders recognized were Derek Liechty and Danielle Steiner

A new award this year, the Educator's Award, was presented to Summer Fagg.

The Kiwanis presented awards for: Beef, Bryce Schopmeyer; dairy, Cam Shidler, goat, Reva McMichael; horse and pony, Nikki Osborn; poultry, Mitch Riddell; rabbit, Mitch Riddell; sheep, Brent Ferree; swine, Summer Fagg.

The Outstanding Junior Leader Boy was Brandon Miller, while the Outstanding Junior Leader Girl was Bryleigh Schopmeyer. The Outstanding Adult Leader was awarded to Shelley Mace from The Busy Bees. The Outstanding first year boy and girl award was presented to Wyatt Halfhill and Ashley Seymour.

The recipient of the Outstanding Junior Year girl was Jazmine Kellum, while the Junior Year boy was Wesley Powell. The year's Outstanding Intemediate Year girl was Sabrina Liechty, and the Outstanding Intermeidate Year boy was Mitchell Riddell. Awards to senior 4-H members that have completed 9 to 11 years were Summer Fagg, Erin Pell and Kyle Thompson.

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