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Long barn brings back memories of yesteryear

Friday, December 6, 2002

This barn, owned by Gary and Anna Long, is still a functional barn. It is also a home to a dog, several cats, pigeons, and a colony of Indiana Brown Bats. The bats, an endangered species, has lived in the barn for many, many years.

Aah!! Remember the smell of a well-used barn? The ever-present musty-sweet odors that quickly bring back memories of horses, cows, hay and straw.

Anna Long's barn brings back those memories, and many more, including playing hide and seek, maybe a first kiss from the neighbor kid, climbing up into the hay loft to think out our problems, finding a new litter of kittens and maybe even a bird's nest.

In Long's barn there are horses, dogs, cats pigeons and even a colony of Indiana Brown Bats. And lots of hay.

"The original barn was moved to its current location on wagons. It was moved from the Stigler homesite." Long said. "The original barn was constructed using hand-hewn beams and wooden pegs."

One of the first things you notice about the barn is two names spray painted on the outside of the barn. The names are Carrie and Nathan, the Long's children.

The cats and the dog are curious about visitors, and the horses perk their ears up at the sound of familiar voices. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the cattle sounds from years gone by.

Looking closely at the inside of the barn, you can see where additions have been made over the years to accommodate more hay, horse stalls, farm equipment and feed. There are places where cats have clawed the wood to sharpen their claws, places where horses have nibbled on the wood from time to time, and the cobwebs.

Yes sir, this is a neat Clay County barn.

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