Brazil unit not called up in Guard activation

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Indiana National Guard units in Jasper, Washington, Linton, Vincennes, Tell City and Martinsville have been called to active service.

The Brazil Times contacted B Company, 38th Main Support Battalion, at the Brazil Armory.

An employee at the Brazil unit said he could not release any information but he did contact the Military Department of Indiana Public Affairs. They would say only that the Brazil unit has not been affected. They will give an updated official release later.

The Brazil Times also contacted the Indiana Air National Guard 181st Fighter Wing out of Terre Haute and was told that only Public Relations Officer Capt. Puckett is allowed to comment. Capt. Puckett was out of town today.

At least 600 more members of the Indiana National Guard have been called up to active duty as part of the nation's anti-terrorism campaign.

On Tuesday, members of the 1st Battalion, 152nd Regiment will assemble for roll call at the six armories, said commanding officer Lt. Col. James Gentry. The battalion will then meet at Camp Atterbury, in Bartholomew County near Edinburgh, later this week.

Camp Atterbury will be the battalion's mobilization site, where guard members will undergo additional training and administrative in-processing.

It is unknown where the Army will send the battalion after Camp Atterbury, said Lt. Col. Jim McGillivray, a spokesman for the Indiana National Guard.

"From there, it's anybody's guess," he said.

Camp Atterbury is one of 15 mobilization sites in the country, McGillivray said.

McGillivray would not say Monday exactly how many guardsman have been called up. The call-up had been expected since mid-October, when the battalion was placed on alert.

"It's a tremendous relief," Gentry said Monday. "After you get the word you need a few moments to grasp the reality that you need to prepare to leave home. But there is a sense of relief, because you have a date on the calendar."

The activation is the second for the Indiana National Guard this year.

Last month, guardsmen from the 1st Battalion, 293 Regiment, in Fort Wayne, were called-up and sent to Fort Knox, Ky. There are 11,000 men and women now serving in the Indiana National Guard and 2,000 more in the Air National Guard, McGillivray said.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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