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Friday, Apr. 29, 2016

Preparation: Not as easy as it looks

Friday, January 3, 2003

It was quite an experience to heat and eat the MRE as if I were a real soldier.

Except I set out a real plate and glass for my meal that I decided to try heating it up in the microwave! Of course, I was so hungry by the time I finally got around to eating at about 8 o'clock last night that I just ripped open the package and went for it. That was my biggest mistake because sparks shot around inside the microwave.

The next mistake occurred when I let my 13-year old read the directions to me as I tried to perform the maneuvers. She got confused and did not read the entire steps. Instead of stopping to look at the instructions myself, I tried to interpret what she was trying to tell me.

To heat the MRE with the flameless heater inside each MRE, you put a certain amount of water in the plastic bag holding the entire MRE contents, put the entree bag and the flat flameless heater into the water (making sure to have the heater on the bottom) and fold over the top of the bag.

I put in way too much water (the instructions did say to the top of the lines, but neither of us could see any lines). I could not fold over the top of the bag. Of course, water spilled out and I placed the bag in my kitchen sink. I didn't realize the flameless heater used water to activate chemicals. Chemical fumes oozed out of the bag, water spilled on my fingers and my skin started to burn.

Opening the window above my sink with one hand, I turned on the water with the other to run over my fingers.

I finally read the instructions. Letting the bag sit for 15 minutes to warm, as instructed, I was glad all I had left to do was eat.

The meal was chicken stew. A tiny bottle of Tobasco and salt were added to a tiny bag, for flavor. I also had crackers with peanut butter, mixed fruit, a Tang-like power drink to mix with water, a Mars milk chocolate bar and coffee.

It was OK.

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