Insurance misunderstanding cleared up

Thursday, March 6, 2003

At the March 3 Brazil Parks Board meeting, President Ruthann Jeffries said she had not yet received the certification of liability insurance from the YMCA which had been requested at the February meeting when their contract was signed.

YMCA Director Nancy Burkheiser informed The Brazil Times on Wednesday that she had told the insurance carrier to send the certificate to Jeffries soon after the February meeting and the company had sent it to Jeffires, in care of the Mayor's office.

In a phone conversation with Jeffries Wednesday afternoon she said that she had just received the insurance papers on the morning of March 4, the day after the Board meeting. Jeffries said she thought there had been some misunderstanding regarding the situation.

The YMCA carries liability insurance year round. The Park Board simply needs written proof of that insurance when they enter into a contract with the Y. While the certification papers were inadvertently misplaced somewhere in route, the Park Board never intended to indicate that the YMCA was without insurance or that they were avoiding obligations. The board was just following up on obtaining required documentation for their records.

Jeffries said she regrets any confusion or problems this may have caused anyone and the Park Board looks forward to continuing a friendly, symbiotic relationship with the YMCA.

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