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Military personnel from Clay County

Monday, April 7, 2003

Here is our latest list of military personnel from Clay County.

Additional names may be added by calling The Times newsroom, 446-2216, ext. 231, or by e-mail at news@thebraziltimes.com.

Please indicate your relationship to the person who are naming and be sure to give the correct spelling of their first and last names.

Alexander, Jason

Alstott, Kelly

Anderson, David Joey

Anderson, Trent

Archer, John

Arnold, Mike

Austin, Mike

Bailey, Beau

Baker, Kevin

Bales, Jeremy

Bevis, Tony

Booker, Wayne

Branson, Larry Jr.

Brown, James D.

Brown, Patrick

Burt, Nick

Bussing, Anthony

Calabreze, Jamie

Calabreze, Maurizio

Carlson, Darin

Childress, Josh

Church, Joseph III

Clark, Kelly

Clark, Kip

Clausen, Matt

Coleman, Chris

Colinger, Shawn J.

Combs, Shannon

Conaway, Amanda

Conrad, Matt

Cooksey, Heather

Cox, Vaughn James

Cress, Dean

Deakins, Michael

Dean, Clyde

Defore, Jameson S.

Dickison, Jason

Dierdorff, David

Dodson, Steven

Doll, Christopher

Durbin, Brent

Durcholz, Chris

Dye, Michael

Dyer, Andrew

Ferry, Rebekka

Fleener, Jimmy

Gaddis, Dana

Gaskins, Coty

Geise, Raymond

Girton, Damon

Girton, Jeffrey

Girton, Nick

Goggins, David

Goodwin, Jamie

Grantham, Steve

Green, Matt

Griffin, Steve Scott

Grove, Matt

Haggerty, James

Hailey, Don

Halcomb, Robbin

Hallek, Jason

Hardey, Brad

Haring, Nathan

Harris, William

Haseman, Josh

Hauser, Jeff

Hayes, Chris

Hayes, Jennifer

Hayes, Ryan

Hofmann, Tom

Horn, Shawn

Horton, Casey

Hutcheson, Jason

Jackson, Rob

Knecht, Jason

Kirby, Jacob

Kruger, Johannie

Lancaster, Andy

Lane, David

Latham, Larry

Light, Joey

Little, Steve Craig Jr.

Lock, Michael S.

Lombardo, John

Lugar, Max

Madden, Jimmy

Majors, Danny

Marcuson, Greg

Martin, Michael S.

Martin, Randall J.

Martin, Tony

Marton, Mathew

McClein, David

McClelland, David

McCullough, Jared

Mehathy, Lori

Meyers, Mark Jr.

Misner, Matt

Moore, Jason

Moore, Josh

Mullenix, Shane

Mullinix, Greg

Myers, Mike

Nichols, John

Nichols, Troy

Ninesling, Stephen

Ninesling, Tammy

Noel, Kyle

Orman, Ryan

Parkins, Aaron

Perkins, Adam

Pattenaude, Rob

Perkins, Adam

Pflueger, Matthew

Phelps, Darrin

Rains, Jeremy

Raines, Donald Lee

Ramey, Carson

Ray, John

Ray, Susan

Reid, Thomas

Ronald E. Roberson

Robertson, Eric

Robertson, Kevin

Robison, Curtis J.

Royer, Kevin

Rukes, Teri

Russell, Brandon

Saxton, Larry

Schmidt, Josh

Scott, Griffin

Scroggins, Stephan

Shields, Coby

Shobe, Josh

Simms, Loretta

Singer, Jamie

Singer, Jared

Skelton, Billy

Smiley, Robert

Smithhart, Jeff

Sneath, Brandon

Spicer, Dustin

Stephens, Sean

Sutton, Mark

Swank, Sgt. Jason

Swearingen, Craig

Taylor, Jon

Terrando, Tony

Todd, David

Tryon, Jesse

Waggle, Larry E. Jr.

Walker, Chris

Wallace, Timothy

Walker, C. Eric

Walker, John F.

Walton, Ken

Webster, Jeff

Weliever, Steve

West, Jamie

Whistler, Ron Jr.

White, Jeremy

Withers, Dustin

Wright, Dusty

This list will be published at least weekly until victory is declared in Iraq.

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