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Shelter reaches out to homeless

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Try to imagine being a 21-year-old homeless female.

Making your home out on the open road, never knowing how or where you will get your next meal, relying on the kindness of strangers to keep you alive from day to day. Not only that, but you are pregnant with quintuplets, you're not sure who their father is and you deliver them in a vacant area under a house. This is the story of a beagle mix named Gypsy and her brood.

Staff members at the Clay County Humane Society Kay Crabb, Donna Snow and Kim Dove and other concerned citizens attempted to catch Gypsy for four months. Known as "The CVS Dog", Gypsy made her daily rounds by Farm Bureau Co Op, Page's IGA, French Funeral Home and CVS.

Calls poured in requesting that the dog be picked-up and taken to the pound. The ladies set live traps with food in them in attempt to bring the dog to safety but the street-savvy dog would not go in them because everyone in the area was feeding her. Then the staff noticed a beagle and terrier following Gypsy around and noted soon after that she was pregnant. The discovery was a relief because the staff knew they could finally rescue Gypsy after the pups were born.

One day the shelter received a call that a much slimmer Gypsy had been spotted on a Jackson Street sidewalk. It was apparent that she had become a mother. It took three days to rescue Gypsy and her litter. On the first and second day, a live trap was set but the wily dog ate all the food without being captured. Staff blocked off the entrance and exit under the house where Gypsy had been keeping her pups on the third day. With permission of the homeowner, the staff sawed out the floor allowing Snow and Dove to crawl through to retrieve all five puppies and their mom from the crawl space with a catch pole.

Snow has been housing Gypsy and her puppies in her home since they were rescued.

"You wouldn't believe she was ever a street dog," she says.

The dog has quickly morphed from an independent street-smart dog into a loving companion and doting mother. The entire family is looking for a home. Gypsy is a three-year-old housebroken beagle mix. The puppies are 3-4 weeks old.

The dogs have not been checked for any health problems.Any health problems that the family has will be paid for by The Clay County Human Society's Jordan Fund. A fund started several years ago to care for animals that are homeless or have been struck by a car. The fund also helps serve as relief from large medical bills for new owners.

The Clay County Humane Society is currently accepting cash for the Jordan Fund or item donations. People interested in being a volunteer or providing foster care would also be appreciated.

Anyone can contact the shelter at 446-5126. Pets available for adoption can be viewed at www.petfinder.com and www.clayhumane.org.

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