School board pays for maintenance

Friday, June 20, 2003

In their meeting at North Clay Middle School Thursday night, the Clay Community School Board of Trustees voted unanimously to use $49,725.83 in Emergency Capital Funds to cover costs accrued in the maintenance of the air conditioning system at Northview High School and $4,310 to settle the bill for fixing the North Clay roof.

Tom Reberger, director of buildings and grounds, provided the board with a number of individual invoices for extensive repairs to the chiller at Northview. Damage to cooling barrel tubing last summer brought about the failure of one of the system's four compressors and several more complications ensued.

Reberger also requested funding for the remaining

balance for work done on the North Clay gymnasium roof. Most of the original total for this service will be covered by insurance.

In other business ...

The board also voted in favor of the following items:

1. Authorization to Apply for Title I Grant

2. Consideration of Price Increase for School Lunch Program

Last year, student lunch prices were raised 20 cents and adult lunches went up 50 cents, due to heightening food and labor costs. This was the first increase in about 12 or 13 years. Randy Burns suggested that school lunch prices instead be raised periodically in smaller increments. The board agreed upon a 5-cent increase next school year, which will generate about $20,000 more income.

3. Recommendation to Approve Resolutions to Amend the 401(a) and 403(b) Plans

Burns described the amendments as being minor, but necessary in order to keep up with legislative requirements.

4. Consideration of Purchase of White Activity Bus for CAPE/Even Start Program

Frank Misner, director of Transportation, acquired quotes for the purchase of a bus to be used in transporting pre-school children and their parents to and from Even Start classes and events. Misner and Mary Yelton recommended a 2003 GMC Chassis/Thomas Body for $35,050 from Kerlin Bus Sales as the best deal.

5. Permission to Bid Fiber Infrastructure

The decision was made to centralize the area's Elementary School media servers, which will reduce costs dramatically and ease necessary upgrades down the road. Fiber Infrastructure can provide local schools with the highest technology now and in the future.

6. Recommendation to Approve Lease Rental Facility

The school system is currently leasing two rooms for Janet Trout's speech classes at $200 a month and a basement area and vocational room as storage area at $333.33 a month in the old junior high. By Dec. 31, when the contracts expire, they are hopeful that they will no longer require the use of these rooms and a renewal of the agreement will not be needed.

7. Appointment to Library Reconsideration Committee

Odena Harper contacted three members of the committee, resident Julie Smith, resident Gayla Thiemann and Counselor Jennifer Abrell, who are up for re-appointment. They each agreed and were approved to serve for another two years.

8. Appointment to INCOLSA Board

Beth Meuser, North Clay media specialist, was added to the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority board.

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