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'Don't look, Ethel!' It's a streaker!

Monday, July 7, 2003

"Don't look Ethel!" There was a streaker at Brazil's Forest Park, Friday night during the 4th of July festivities. The Clay County Community Choir was performing at the bandshell when the culprit streaked across the walkway between the stage and the audience.

"I happened to look up and saw him standing by the big tree to the west of the bandshell," said local resident Sue Ellen Buchholz. "He just seemed to appear from nowhere. He had one hand down in front of him.

"He suddenly took off running in front of the stage. I felt kind of like I was in the Twilight Zone. Even though he was barefoot and running over rocks, he flashed by pretty quick."

It was just like the lyrics to the 1974 number one hit by Ray Stevens said.

"Here he comes, (look at that, look at that)

"There he goes, (look at that, look at that)

"And he ain't wearin' no clothes."

"Oh yes, they call him the streak.

"Fastest thing on two feet.

"He's just as proud as he can be, of his anatomy.

"He's going to give us a peek."

"We were sitting in the second row so we had a real good shot," said Buchholz. "He had nothing on but an orange stocking cap. It happened so quickly. I think everybody was kind of shocked.

"He shouldn't have done it but my thought was, at least he wasn't some lunatic running through there with a gun. It was unbelievable that it happened in the small town of Brazil, Ind."

Bill and Dianne Weese were there with Sue Ellen and her husband Steve and some other friends. The guys sat behind the girls in the third row.

"The girls saw more than us guys," Bill Weese said. "I was watching the stage and heard the women yell, 'Look at that'. I looked up and he was directly in front of us. I saw two white cheeks zoom past. He was fast as a rabbit.

"He had a skin tight, bright pink rubber mask over his face. My wife said he had red, white and blue stripes painted across his chest. It was such a shock, I couldn't have reacted if I'd wanted to."

The choir director, Sam Glover, was facing the choir so didn't see a thing. The choir however, who couldn't have missed it, didn't miss a note. They kept right on singing.

Weese thought the streaker was probably in his 20s from his build. He was muscular. Probably about 6' 2" and 200 pounds.

"He ran east in front of the bandshell then back behind the Pepsi trailer toward Pinckley Street. Bob Parr was in the audience. He's the Knightsville Town Marshall. He took off after the guy.

"I heard someone did grab his elbow down by the bridge but he got away and disappeared in the darkness.

Weese said he lived through the 70s but never saw a streaker before.

"It was kind of funny but it wasn't very nice," Weese contemplated. "It wasn't an appropriate place for something like that. We were celebrating our flag and our country and little kids were there. I think the crowd was pretty shocked. After it was all over, I thought, I should have yelled, Don't look Ethel."

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