Sunday concert to offer circus music

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

The Brazil Concert Band, under the direction of Professor Matthew S. Huber, proudly presents, "Under The Big Top", Sunday Aug. 10, 8 p.m. at the Forest Park Bandshell or, if inclement weather, the pavilion.

The BCB will recreate a traditional American Circus complete with a ringmaster portrayed by Bandsman David Brinson. The circuses of the 1890s on through World War II carried bands of up to 35 musicians. These "windjammers", as they were called, were among the best wind and percussion players in the nation.

Important American bandleaders and composers such as Fred Jewell, Karl L. King and Henry Fillmore all began their careers as circus instrumentalists and bandleaders. Circuses including Sells-Floto, Hagenbeck-Wallace, Gentry Brothers, Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Brothers were all household words and thrilled generations of Americans with the greatest of stars and wonderful music.

The BCB Circus Band numbers 70, doubling the size of the largest bands during the Golden Age of the Circus, and will offer a sampling of the "big hits" of the sawdust trail. The evening will begin with a circus band concert as was the tradition as the big top filled with spectators.

Included in this portion will be "March Ponderoso" by King, "The Big Cage", "Jungle Queen", by Barnard, "Symphonia March" by Evans, "Olympia Hippodrome" by Alexander, "Transcontinental" by Hughes, "An Arkansaw Huskin' Bee" by Pryor and "The Screamer" by Jewell.

The circus routine, announced by Ringmaster Brinson, will present a new composition for band by Bainbridge, Indiana composer Malinda Zenor. Entitled "Under The Big Top", Zenor's circus medley, in six movements captures the excitement of the great tent shows with "Fanfare", "Performer's Parade", "Trapeze Telepathy", "Clown Capers", "Gentle Giants" and "Fabulous Finale".

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