'1812 Overture' -- complete with explosions -- caps 2003 season

Monday, August 25, 2003

Matthew S. Huber directs the Brazil Concert Band in "The 1812 Overture" by Tschaikowski as Mark Adamson synchronizes explosions to the music. The dull red glow of one explosion can be seen above the bandshell at Forest Park on Sunday night.

Real explosions rocked Forest Park, all in time with "The 1812 Overture" Sunday night.

Nearly 1,000 people filled the benches and carried in chairs for the final Brazil Concert Band performance of the summer 2003 season.

In addition to explosions timed by Mark Adamson, the concert featured solos by Buz Burgess, Norman Hanson and Joe Dierdorf. Burgess performed "The Star-Spangled Banner", Hanson performed "Thoughts of Love" and "O Dry Those Tears". Following the band's performance of those numbers, band director Matthew Huber said, "That is the way the instrument is to be played!"

Dierdorf sang "The Impossible Dream" accompanied by the orchestra.

Huber announced copies of the band's CD, "The Jewell of the Wabash", are still available for $13. They are being purchased by fans across America as well as in Clay County, he said.

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