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NPC's products are far-reachingNPC's products are far-reaching

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

One of NPC's many press machines, spinning out product for the company.

Though Brazil is considered a small town, it is surprising how far its industry can reach.

National Printing Converters, located on Murphy Avenue, has been in Brazil over 20 years and has product that can be seen around the country.

"We are manufacturers of pressure-sensitive labels," Brian Buckley, NPC's president, said. "We specialize in custom labels. Our niche is retail chain stores."

NPC employs around 45 workers who perform "full administrative functions, customer service, press operations, inspections, and other things," according to Buckley. The company is family-owned: Buckley's father, Bob Buckley, started the company in Los Angeles in 1963, and eventually moved to Brazil in '89. In 1996, the company moved all of its press operations to Brazil, leaving sales branches around the country.

"We chose Brazil quite happenchance, actually," Buckley said. "We wanted a place to serve a national customer base, and one of our employees just happened to be from Brazil. I was going back and forth between here and L.A. for a long time, until we finally came here full-time."

Buckley added that high real estate prices were a contributing factor to the company's move to Indiana.

NPC now has sales offices in St. Louis, Miss., Charlotte, N.C., Spartanburg, S.C., Philadelphia Pa., Knoxville Tenn., and Los Angeles, Calif.

Along with stores like Meijer and CVS, Buckley says that NPC does business with "regional and national stores not in this area.

"We have two channels of distribution," he continued. "One channel is through printing brokers, some of them sell printing and mailing labels, so we're just supplying the labels to print on. Our second channel is retail chain stores, big hardware and grocery stores. These people buy so much product, they don't want to go through the middle man, so they just come directly to us."

NPC's strength is in its flexibility, according to Buckley.

"We are known in the industry as being unique, diverse, and flexible," he said. "We have found a niche in the industry. We got involved with retail shelf labels 20 years ago and have progressively gotten better and better."

NPC was working on, among other things, a unique label for Orvis hunting at interview time. The product could be used as a shelf label or a product tag.

"In some cases we're printing, in others we're processing, we run the full gambit," Buckley said. "And we do custom work, we'll do whatever you want. We do a lot of unique stuff."

Buckley said NPC's time in Brazil has been prosperous and fun, thanks to more than a couple of people.

"A large percent of our employees are from Brazil and Clay county," he said, "the greatest asset is our people. They're very committed to our customers. We really have phenomenal people."

As president, Buckley stays in Brazil and handles operations while much of his family resides in California.

"I'm the only one out here," he said. "But it's been really great."

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