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'If I were mayor, I would...'

Friday, May 14, 2004

"If I were mayor, I would ..." essay contest winners, (from left) Dylan Moore, second place; Ryan Brand, first place; and Allison Brown, third place, were recognized by Mayor Tom Arthur at Tuesday's City Council meeting. All three are students at North Clay Middle School. Brand was awarded a $50 savings bond from Fifth Third Bank and a $50 savings bond from First National Bank and Trust and he will get to shadow Arthur for a day. Moore received a $25 gift certificate from Wal-Mart and Brown was given a five-day pass to Forest Park pool.

Ryan Brand: 1st place

If I were Mayor, I would take a stand on the environment by installing an electric subway that would run through the city so people can get to places without using cars that cause air pollution.

I would plan for new buildings, roads and bridges where needed and I would like to add a special lane through the city for all bicycle riders.

By getting involved with young people, I would plan to build a skate-park for skateboarders and put in a putt-putt golf course.

I would decorate the city with more trees to help keep our air clean and encourage people to recycle by setting up recycling stations around the city, making it easy for people to drop off their recycling items. The money that would come from the recycling could be used by cutting taxes for the citizens of Brazil.

I would hire a cleaning crew that would have litter picked up at all times. I would make sure that there is a heavy fine for littering and put the money collected back into Brazil to use for police and firemen.

With the city cleaned up, I would hope that I could attract more businesses and people to come to Brazil.

If I were Mayor, I know I would have my hands full with all of the projects I would like to see finished. With the great people we have already living in the city, I know with hard work, we can all accomplish our goals.

Dylan Moore: 2nd place

If were mayor, I would be the leader of the city. I would make a lot of different decision daily. I would have to make sure everything is working right around the town. I would have a lot of meetings with other leaders of the city. I would have to make sure all my employees were working correctly. I would have to keep everything safe for the citizens. I would have many people work for me to help around the town. I would have a very important job as mayor.

If I was mayor, the first thing I would improve is the streets of the city. I would make them safe for all the cars to travel on. I would plan different activities for families. I would like to bring new restaurants to have more choices for eating out. New jobs would be a major goal of mine. I would try to get new businesses to come to our city. The equipment was safe for children to play on. There are people that cannot drive, so I would try to get a bus system started. The sidewalks of the city should be safe for everyone to walk on. I think the appearance of the city is important. I would have clean-up crews around town. I would build new roads in the city so traffic would not get backed up. In the winter, good road conditions would be important. Snow plows would clear all the city streets. I would try to solve problems that the city would have by working with the citizens to improve things.

In conclusion, I think being mayor would be a very important job. I know it would be stressful on some days. I would enjoy seeing the improvements that have been done while being mayor. It would feel good to help citizens of the city. I think if everyone in the city would work together, the city would be a better place to live. I think being mayor would be a pretty cool job.

Allison Brown: 3rd place

If I were mayor, the first thing I would consider is the city budget. We need a lot of things done in the city, but we have to be able to pay for them. I don't think we want to raise people's taxes if we can help it. People won't vote for me if I cost them too much money.

First I would fix the city roads and sidewalks. People don't want to come to a city that doesn't look nice. Then I would start a contest for the nicest looking building. I would encourage all the businesses to plant flowers and fix their storefronts up nice.

Second I would get more advanced equipment for the police department. They need more technology to help them catch criminals and keep the citizens safe.

Third I would build a teen center. It needs to be a place where teens can come and hang out. I would have a few pool tables and chairs for kids to sit and play cards. There would be a snack bar and some meeting rooms so that clubs could also have a place to go. I would also have a study room where kids could study and meet with tutors to help them in special subjects. I would see if teachers would volunteer some time to tutor.

It will be a hard job being mayor and finding the money for all the things we need to do in our city, but it will be worth it to make Brazil a great place to live. That would be my most important job.

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