Two residents apply for FEMA funds

Tuesday, July 6, 2004


Two Clay County residents have applied for assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), but as of last Friday, no money has been dispersed to the county.

Clay was was added to a list of eligible counties as a "contiguous county" -- close to an area that has suffered significant damage, in this case, Owen County -- on June 24. The original disaster declaration was made after a series of heavy storms and tornadoes on June 3.

Clay was added to the list in June to make it easier for individual homeowners to apply for assistance through FEMA after suffering damage in the storm. At the time of the county's addition, Clay Emergency Management Director Gerri Husband had not heard of any serious damage.

Two individual registrations for disaster aid have been made by county residents, though no money -- from either Individuals and Housing Assistance or Other Needs Assistance -- had been awarded to Clay County as of July 2. Putnam County residents also made two fruitless requests for FEMA monies.

Owen County recieved a total of $11,516.75 in disaster assistance funding.

Fifteen additional counties were added for individual assistance last Friday, including Huntington, Jennings, Noble, Ohio, and Wells.

Residents who received damage from any storms between May 27 and June 25 should apply to FEMA for disaster aid. For assistance with applications or to see if your property is eligible, contact the Clay County Emergency Management Office at 448-8400.

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