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Water line was repaired without shutting off water

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A water leak on U.S. 40 in front of the Forest Park Plaza last Friday has been repaired. Assistant Water Distribution Supervisor Dick Vanatti originally thought the problem might be just a crack which could be repaired quickly and easily.

However, when the line was exposed, it was determined that the problem was a broken valve. Mayor Tom Arthur said the valve was believed to be anywhere from 80 to 100 years old and it just wore out.

"We had two options," Arthur said. "We could turn the water off to the entire city again and fix it Friday. Or we could have Cooley Brothers from Winchester, Ind., fix it but they couldn't get here until Monday. I said we're not turning the City off."

City workers improvised to get through the weekend. The ground was helping to hold the valve together. When the earth was removed from around the piece it began popping all over. The crew put a key on it to help hold the valve together.

The pressure of the backhoe helped hold the key in place. Vibration of traffic could have caused more damage or caused the key to come lose so just one lane was open to traffic all weekend.

Cooley Brothers came Monday and installed two valves on either side of the broken piece so they could turn off the water to just that section. Then they replaced the broken valve.

As of Tuesday afternoon the problem was corrected with little inconvenience to the citizens.

"I don't think anyone was without water," Arthur said.

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