School bus turn-around on town council agenda

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Harmony Town Council met Tuesday, Aug. 2, at the Van Buren Township Firehouse. President Janice Gooch reported that Skelton Tree Service was working on a job out of town and had not been able to complete trimming the trees in the Harmony Park. Also some lights still need to be repaired at the park.

Steve Coleman asked for help on getting a culvert installed for the school bus to be able to turn around. Coleman lives on Border Street in the section that becomes a dead end. There are no longer any school age children living at the end of the road where the driveway was wide enough for the bus. Coleman said he had talked to the school corporation and the Knightsville Street Department. A pipe is needed in order to widen his drive to accommodate the school bus. Although Coleman lives in Harmony, the road to his home is at the far eastern side of Knightsville. The town may be willing to help with the project after a 40-foot pipe has been purchased. The actual placement of the large pipe would be on the Harmony side but would affect the street owned by Knightsville. The Council advised Coleman to check with Pell's or the Highway Department for prices on the pipe and to bring back more information to the next meeting.

A concerned resident asked about out-of-county vehicles being in the Harmony Park at strange hours of the morning. Town Marshal Bob Parr was asked to check out the situation.

Scott and Leslee McDonald had information regarding the softball field at the Harmony Park. Currently, the ball diamond does not meet softball standards. The sod needs to be removed in the infield. Two estimates had been presented to correct the situation. One estimate was for tilling up the sod. The other removed the sod and then packed the dirt level for playing. The Council accepted the second estimate.

An overgrown property on Harmony Road continues to be a nuisance to several residents. The owner has been unavailable or unwilling to correct the situation.

Council members attending were Janice Gooch, Donna Mullenix, Elmer Pollard, Don McCollister, Leslee McDonald and attorney Eric Somheil.

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