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So just what exactly is the difference?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



Editor's note: This is the third part in a series of reports about the use of scooters in the area -- what qualifies as a moped, the proper use of a moped and the laws and regulations concerning moped use on the roadway.

"It used to be, years ago, that a moped had to have operational peddles to be declared a moped. But that law was changed over 20 years ago," Brazil City Police Chief Mark Loudermilk said.

The industry term "scooter" is a universal word used to describe two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicles. Just because a vehicle is called a "scooter" does not automatically mean it is a moped or that it falls under those rules and regulations.

"It's either a motorcycle or a moped, nothing in between," Chief Loudermilk said.

A moped has four guidelines for qualification under Indiana law. They are:

- Engine size must be 49cc with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50ccs

- Engine rating must have, or be less than, two horsepower

- Maximum designed speed of not more than 25 miles per hour

- Must have an automatic transmission

All four of the criteria must be met for a vehicle to be considered a moped. If even one of the criteria is surpassed the vehicle is deemed a motorcycle by Indiana law, which requires that the operator obey the motorcycle rules and regulations of the road.

Tomorrow: Attention moped drivers: Do you know the rules of the road?

Sidebar: The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will only register scooters that fall under the motorcycle registration and licensing fees. The fees are as follows:

-- Motorcycle learner's permit $9

-- Motorcycle 4-year license $14

-- Motorcycle 3-year license $12

-- Motorcycle skills test $5

-- Motorcycle plates $25.75

-- Motorcycle endorsement on operator and chauffeur license $10

-- Motorcycle endorsement on a public passenger chauffeur license $8

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