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School Board Highlights

Friday, December 9, 2005

Highlights of Thursday's Clay Community Schools board meeting included:

Health insurance caps

After reminding attendees that any measures taken by the board regarding health insurance would not go into effect until the 2006-07 school year, giving the staff a year to prepare for any drastic changes in premiums, Board President Steve Grigsby opened the issue for discussion.

Board member Ted Jackson voiced concern because he said the board did not adequately evaluate the insurance plan before the vote, and that he would be voting against the issue.

He felt that the board needed to spend more time looking into the issue before taking a vote.

"I don't think we're ready for this slap-happy decision," he said.

Announcing that the insurance carrier has quoted a $405,000 increase in premiums for the 2006-07 school year, Terry Barr said that a refusal to compromise was costing everyone and something had to be done to try manage the problem.

"I'm going to vote for it, but I hate doing it," she said. "That increase is going to cost an additional $296 a month increase in premiums."

Employees whose salaries were being capped have a year to brace themselves for the increase, so Len Fischer supported the motion and said he didn't think it was a slap happy decision.

"I think it's a responsible decision," he said.

The board voted six to one in favor for the capping of health insurance premiums for administrative and non-teaching personnel, with Ted Jackson opposing.

Salary increases for classified and administrative staff

During a discussion on the motion to give a .20 cent per hourly wage to classified staff, Len Fischer based his non-support of the salary increase because of the it being applied to the salary schedule, which would impact upon next years budget.

The board voted five to two in favor of capping of health insurance premiums for administrative and non-teaching personnel, with Len Fischer opposing and Ted Jackson abstaining.

Salary increases for bus drivers

A motion to give bus drivers a daily increase of $1.40 and an increase in trip pay of 25 cents was unanimously passed by the board.

The board agreed to look into how the increased trip pay would effect extra-curricular accounts at the school level and Ted Jackson's request that the matter of substitute drivers receiving a pay increase also be considered.

Superintendent's Enrollment Report

Superintendent William Schad announced that the number of students enrolled in the seven elementary schools is 2,116, while at the three secondary level schools there are 2,566 students, making the total number of students enrolled at the end of the last grading period 4,682.

Long-term Facilities Planning Update

Schad informed the board that each school building had formed committees.

The committees will prepare lists based upon the future building and the curriculum needs of the each facility which can be justified and prioritized. A steering committee, made up of a broad community base, will then review the list before it comes to the attention of the board.

New Sanitation Pump at Northview High School

The board unanimously approved emergency funding from the Capitol Projects Fund to repair one pump until it could be replaced with an newer pump at the sanitary lift station at Northview High School in the amount of $8,022.84. The pump repairs and replacement were completed by HYDROPOWER of Terre Haute, while Sutherland & Sons pumped and cleaned the grease buildup from inside the tank.

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