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Clay County Council

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

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The Clay City branch of the Indiana Dept. of Motor Vehicles sets on S.R. 59.

Highlights of the business discussed at the Monday meeting of the Clay County Council included:

-The approval of temporary funding for the Clay City License Branch

The council voted unanimously to appropriate $18,720 to the Clay City License Branch, which is scheduled to re-open later this month as one of the first county-administrated license branches in the country.

The state awarded a subsidy of $18,000 to the license branch last year. The appropriation approved by the council Monday represents a guarantee of those funds; the license branch will not receive tax dollars from the county, and some council members made it clear that, while they wish the branch success, the county could not offer continuing financial support to the branch.

"I want this to work out. I really, really do," said Councilman Michael McCullough. "But if this doesn't work out the way we wanted for it to, the county can't subsidize it out of the general fund."

Councilman Les Harding voiced reservations over allocating money the county hasn't yet received.

"Are we appropriating funds that don't exist?" he asked.

County Commissioner Daryl Andrews said he expected a $4500 advance on the $18,000 state subsidy by the middle of the week. Auditor Joe Dierdorf assured the council the county's investment was guaranteed by the state,

"This is one of those unusual funds where we can't spend the funds unless they're there," he said. "We can't go in the red."

Andrews announced the hiring of staff for the facility, including one full-time and two part-time employees, who will begin training Tuesday at the Brazil BMV facility. Salaries of the branch employees were set with Ordinance 2-2006: $18,720 per year for the branch manager, $8/hour for the part-time workers. The commissioners have set a target date of Feb. 21 for the re-opening.

-A County Emergency Appropriation Ordinance

The council unanimously approved the disbursement of dollars in several county funds to address various needs.

The ordinance included a $400 appropriation from the general fund to the Jackson Township Trustee to pay for the mileage she accumulated while performing assessments. The measure also included a $700 transfer from the county's health fund to BIO-T.

But the bulk of the fund transfers specified in the ordinance are related to bridge projects. Council members appropriated a total of $212,700 for projects at Bridges 84 and 104, including $30,000 for rock.

-The approval of funding for new Clay County Jail inmate uniforms

The council unanimously approved the transfer of $7,267 within the Jail CAGIT fund for new inmate uniforms.

Sheriff Mike Heaton the jail's current uniforms are outdated, and the transfer will facilitate a move to a traditional black-and-white striped uniform for prisoners of the county.

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