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Man finds stranger in his bed

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Rocky Morris got a strange surprise Saturday afternoon when he came home to what he thought was an empty house.

The 85-year-old man was spending a day running errands when he took time to wash the dishes at home. A phone call from his daughter interrupted the deed and Rocky left to pick up his granddaughter.

When Rocky came back to his home, he noticed a leather jacket on the back of a chair. He doesn't remember noticing the jacket earlier, but it could have been there.

Rocky assumed that maybe his granddaughter had left her coat, so he checked the pockets to make sure and found a pack of cigarettes in the pocket.

This was strange; his granddaughter is too young smoke.

After further investigation, Rocky noticed a pair of eyeglasses on the dining room table. Then, he realized his bedroom door, which is always closed, was standing wide open.

Rocky peered into the room to find a hump under the covers on his bed.

At this point, Rocky was bewildered.

Rocky owns a firearm for safety, but he didn't want to shoot a hole through his bedclothes or through a relative.

So he pulled back the blankets to find an enebriated stranger.

"He was pretty well polluted," Rocky said.

Why was this man in his bed and how did he get there?

Apparently the man had been drinking, either walked to or was dropped off near Rocky's home and invited himself in.

The man took off his coat and glasses and found the nearest bed to make himself comfortable.

"I locked that door, but evidently it didn't latch all the way."

The stranger wasn't sure why he was at Rocky's home or how he got there since the house was not on the route to his own home.

"I got rid of him. No one was hurt. Nothing was messed up or stolen, so I didn't bother to call the police," he said.

The man also had his car keys on him, but his vehicle was presumed to be at the bar he had left earlier. Rocky has vowed that he will now be more cautious and make sure all the doors in his home are locked and unable to be opened by stray drunk men, but he also wants the public to follow his actions for their own safety.

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