Cosmetic repairs to North Clay are nearly complete

Wednesday, August 8, 2007
James Reberger and Associates, LLC, put a new face on North Clay Middle School.

A high-flying construction crew is completing phase two of a two-part cosmetic repair plan at North Clay Middle School.

"The bricks that make up the outer surface of the building are 'popping'," Building and Grounds Director Tom Reberger said on Tuesday. "The popping is when the front of the bricks start to crumble off. This is just a cosmetic issue, not a structural issue. We want the school to look as nice today as it did when it was built."

According to Reberger, the school corporation started the repairs last year, and this is the final phase of the project.

The popped bricks will be cut out, and replaced with new bricks and mortar. The project should be completed by the time school starts, Aug. 15, but if it isn't, they plan to be on the west side of the school out of the traffic area.

James Reberger and Associates, LLC is the contractor for this project.

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