Being fast friends with chaos

Monday, September 10, 2007

"Chaos is a friend of mine."

I didn't know I was quoting American folksinger Bob Dylan when I growled that in response to a question the other day. In the midst of two phones ringing, notes falling off my desk and spilling a glass of tea down my pants leg, my daughter wanted to know if I was having a chaotic day.

Now I could have quoted my kids, "Well, duh?"

But in the office at The Brazil Times it just didn't seem a mature and appropriate response.

So I quoted Dylan instead.

Later, about five hectic hours later, I thought about just how good a friend Chaos is to me.

Although I'm not a real big fan of the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, I believed Jeff Goldblum's character when he talked about the Chaos theory.

I'm not a scientist, but, as I understand it, Chaos theory attempts to explain how complex, unpredictable and sometimes drastic results can and will occur from a very small event. This small event triggers another series of events. Those events become increasingly significant until, ultimately, there is chaos.

A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere around the world and a thousand miles away it rains.

That's kind of how my life has been this summer. One little thing led to another and before I knew what happened, everything changed. Chaos.

Although it can turn the world upside down, Chaos allows a person to grow and be creative while seeking out solutions to their problems.

I've also done that this summer.

When life gave me problematic lemons, I made lemonade and when I got sick of that, I made lemon pie. The problems aren't over, but I've become real adept to turning those lemons into something better.

Guess I am a real Pollyanna after all.

Leave it to my son, who's named after the early Roman writer who wrote about Chaos, to sum my life up.

"You just do too much, mom, take too much on," he smiled while hugging me before going to bed. "Stop trying to make everything perfect. Everything is OK. We are doing fine."

Our lives were turned upside down this summer, but we found love and support from friends and family that we didn't know existed.

Along with my children, we're starting our lives over in a different home that created some new problems, but it also allows for our creativity to blossom. It's wonderful seeing my children decorate their rooms with their own flare and style.

After working a day shift job for almost three years, I'm working several nightshifts, which has allowed me to pursue my dream of writing a book. I've completed several chapters in the past few months by getting up early to put fingers to my computer keyboard.

Yeah, Chaos entered my world and turned my life upside down this summer.

But, it seems that Chaos is a friend of mine after all.