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To the public: Attend the meetings

Monday, September 17, 2007

So I'm sitting at my desk.

It's Sunday afternoon and I've got the television on in the newsroom.

The Colts are on, and it's getting close.

There's less than two minutes remaining in the game and they've got a 22-20 lead over Tennessee. But the Titans have the ball and they're moving into Colts' territory.

As the game is unfolding, I can't help but think of the past week.

It's been quite busy.

A handful of stories written by staffers with The Brazil Times got the attention of our readers.

It also got our attention as well.

But it's a great thing to know that readers of The Brazil Times are displaying their passion regarding these issues.

The Clay Community School system recently announced it was looking into a possible $53 million renovation project.

The project calls for upgrading several school buildings in the corporation.

I'm not from here. I didn't grow up here. But I've lived here and I have to say, I agree that some -- if not all -- of these buildings need renovations.

Prior to moving into the news field of this business, I covered sports for several years.

Covering sports was a lot of fun. It kept me on the road, putting several miles on my car(s) as I continued to watch the progression of athletes in two different counties.

I've had the opportunity to cover three state champions in track during those years and have also covered several talented teams, particularly in basketball.

I've seen the inside of several schools. And when you're waiting for a coach to come out of the locker room, there's plenty of time to notice a few things.

One thing I notice while covering sports in Putnam County during those years was that of the four high schools in the county, two of them have auxiliary gymnasiums.

Greencastle High School boasts one of the best gyms in the area in McAnally Gym. It also has an auxiliary gym for those athletes to practice in.

Cloverdale High School -- for a Class 2A school -- also has a nice gym. Like Greencastle, Cloverdale also has an auxiliary gym.

Northview, a Class 4A school in Indiana, does not have that luxury.

Both Greencastle and Cloverdale buildings have been around for a long time.

Northview High School is younger than I am.

But it doesn't have that extra gym, which would eliminate scheduling conflicts for several sports teams.

Now, I am completely aware that there are other needs regarding many of the buildings in the corporation. But for a Class 4A school to not have that luxury is quite strange.

I'd be willing to bet the school may the only of its size in the state to not have the second gym.

But an extra gym is not the only need.

Several of the buildings desperately need the renovations. Carpet at many of the buildings is in disarray and there are several cases where students attend classes that are not adequate classrooms.

Those students need your help. The corporation needs your help.

You, the reader, have every right to attend two upcoming meetings the corporation has scheduled.

Architects will be on hand at the meetings discussing the proposed renovations. The public will have the opportunity to speak.

Going to a school board meeting is one thing. During the comments from the audience portion of the meeting, you may stand up and speak your peace.

But these two particular meetings are the "big ones."

If you are in favor of renovation, say it. If you aren't, say it.

But you should listen to the entire proposal. Don't just come in already decided. Listen to the entire proposal. Be prepared but be willing to hear the corporation out.

The first meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Thursday at Clay City High School.

By the way, I guess Colts fans have something to cheer about.

The Titans fumbled the ball on fourth down while moving into Colts' territory, giving Indy the win.