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Readers: Bring troops home

Monday, October 1, 2007

For several years, one of the most critical issues hampering the United States has been the war in Iraq.

Many citizens have expressed their opinions regarding whether the U.S. should pull troops out of the country.

Iraq had become the hot-button issue for many citizens nationwide. Just this weekend, U.S. and Iraqi forces killed more than 60 insurgents, according to Associated Press reports.

The reports stated that many of the casualties were believed to have been al-Qaida fighters.

Clay County residents had that opportunity recently via The Brazil Times website poll.

The Brazil Times asked readers that very question: Should the United States pull troops out of Iraq.

A total of 136 readers responded to the poll question, with 87 (64 percent) stating the U.S. should pull troops out. In contrast, 49 voters (36 percent) said the country should not pull troops out of Iraq.

Three readers also commented on the question.

One reader responded with "I think that the U.S. should limit its international activity for a period of time until we get the illegals out of this country and get our borders secure."

Still, another reader said, "Yes, but do not set a timeline. It will only cause more trouble for our troops."

The third reader that responded said, "No, it would only give an impression of weakness and invite attack on the United States.

And it would be leaving the innocent in Iraq helpless and vulnerable."

The United States Embassy in Iraq also recently joined Iraqi leaders in criticizing a nonbinding Senate resolution, which would call for splitting the country along sectarian and ethnic lines.

A recent Senate resolution calls for the reshaping of the country according to three sectarian or ethnic territories, calling for a limited central government with the bulk of power going to the country's Shiite, Sunni or Kurdish regions.

The resolution is similar to one that ended the war in Bosnia in the 1990s.

However, Embassy officials -- along with Iraqi officials -- said they believed the resolution would seriously cripple Iraq's stability.

The resolution was adopted last week.

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