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Harmony happenings

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Harmony United Methodist Women made over $200 on the Old Bag Auction that was held on September 30th. This money will go to missions the group helps support each year. The next meeting will be held on October 22nd in Fellowship Hall. Kendra Dierdorf will be presenting the lesson and I will be preparing the supper. All interested ladies are welcome to attend.

Sorry there were no Harmony Happenings last week. We were in sunny Disney World visiting with niece Erin. I had thought I would be able to write there, and email it to the Times, but ran into computer difficulties. I have no out of town meetings or vacations planned for the near future so this should be the last interruption for a while.

Erin, parents John and Eva Trout Roach, Uncle Denny, and I made it to all the Disney Parks: Epcot, MGM, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney. Florida has never been my favorite state (too hot) but still we had a fantastic time. Erin had arranged our accommodations at the resorts so all we had to do was pick up our keys and unpack. A walk to the hotel bus stop was all that was needed to go anywhere. Erin knows all the best restaurants and had made at least one reservation for us each day so we could just head to the front of the line. It was great to visit with two of her friends, Natalie and Cliff, too.

If you are heading to Disney World, we recommend these restaurants: Rainforest Café, Ohana, Coral Reef, 50's Diner, the Viking restaurant at Epcot and the Irish restaurant in Downtown (can't remember the names of the last two). The name Rainforest tells the theme of that restaurant. At various times, "storms" crashed causing the animated creatures to shriek and thunder to roll. The lights flashed to simulate lightning. It was noisy but fun. The food was delicious. The five of us could not finish the dessert "Volcano" Denny ordered.

The Coral Reef is much quieter as if you are under the sea. One wall was a section of a much larger aquarium. We watched the fish swimming along the wall. At one point it seemed as though a small 4-inch animated scuba diver was moving in the tank. As we watched the diver came closer and larger until we could see that he was a real human in scuba gear. He finally swam up to the side of the tank and held up a sign, "Happy Birthday, Charlie." What a neat way for a restaurant to extend special birthday wishes.

One of our favorite events was seeing the performance of Cirque du Soleil. It was an amazing exhibition of gymnastics, dance, comedy, bicycle stunts, trapeze, and tightrope walking staged in a dreamlike setting. Everyone loved the four little girls that kept a wood spool aloft while doing amazing acrobatics. Stage floors opening, walls moving, things flying, and building structures appearing and disappearing added to the magic. It was wonderful. They received a standing ovation that went on for several minutes.

We saw two fireworks displays. The one over the lake at Epcot was the most amazing. Fires burned, a huge globe of changing pictures and lights floated across the water amid bursting lights. This was all set to coordinate with an orchestral sound track. Denny and I had never seen a fireworks display like that. We have watched 4th of July displays in Maine, New Mexico, and Michigan as well as local shows but nothing prepared us for the fireworks at Epcot. We just watched with our mouths open. There wasn't even time for an ooh or awe before the next display topped the last one.

Everything at Disney was so clean and well kept. I especially liked that everything was non-smoking. The only place that had any problems was the Downtown Disney area. A few people smoked on the streets rather than in designated smoking areas. Otherwise people could breathe everywhere. It was so pleasant. It is a magical place for families. We hoped Erin would tire of it and move back home but she still loves it there.

With all the fun, it is still good to be home. I would hate to have missed the fall leaves (the color - not the raking).

There are hyacinth bulbs to plant, mulch to spread, trees to transplant, and a garden that needs tilling. It is strange that grubbing in the dirt can make one feel closer to God.

Enjoy or endure (depending on your perspective) what's left of the Covered Bridge Festival.

Watch the Liberty Mutual commercial when it comes on TV. Wouldn't we all want to live there? It is about the company being like responsible adults but it is so nice to see people being nice on TV even if it only lasts 60 seconds. I don't know anything about the company but I love the commercial.

Happy Birthday to Greg Jones (19), Carson Lawrence & Jimmy Pell (20), Betty Julbert (21), Ryan London (23), Kelly Sparks (24), and Trent Pell (28).

Call when you have news 448-8734.

Area Calendar:

Normally the Harmony Town Council would meet on Nov. 6 in the Community Center at 7:30 p.m. It is too early (Wednesday morning) to call Janice Gooch to see if it is rescheduled due to the election. I am sure Donna Mullenix will post a note in the Times if it is changed.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

Oct. 21 -- Worship Service 9:00 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

Oct. 23 -- Bowling Leagues at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 24 -- Christian Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m.