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KFC agency offering new programs for fall

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kids, Families, and Community (KFC) has an exciting fall program schedule for parents and teachers of Clay Community Schools.

KFC will be hosting a disruptive behavior workshop on Oct. 31 and Parents Night Out on Nov. 8.

The “Working with Kids with Disruptive Behaviors” presentation is targeted to teachers, childcare workers and juvenile court workers.

So far, more than 80 participants are signed up.

Denis Baumgarner, the Director of the Chapel Hill Center for Brief Therapy in Indianapolis, will be speaking on classroom management.

Romas said Baumgarner’s approach is a proactive look at why children act out.

Consistently, children who are disruptive in the classroom lack the critical thinking skills to manage themselves.

According to Romas, Baumgarner gives tools to professionals to help intervene and teach children to handle “their mood, their mouth, and their behavior.”

Romas has heard Baumgarner speak before.

“I have used a lot of the methods on students who act out, and I’m amazed at how well it worked. It does take time, though,” Romas said.

“It’s basically a matter of not continuing to do the same thing over and over that doesn’t work,” Baumgarner said.

Baumgarner said that teachers have a tendency to lecture and use the same punishments repeatedly, and usually that doesn’t work.

“We’ve all been lectured to,” Baumgarner said.

It advocates giving a child a choice instead of immediate punishment, such as, “you can sit still and we can talk, or I can call your parents and talk to them.”

Romas says she rewards students who cooperate with her by reading from their favorite book at the end of a counseling session.

Baumgarner has been consulting in schools for 30 years.

The Step Ahead/Literacy Council is sponsoring Baumgarner’s program as well.

The program will be from 4-6 p.m., at Northview High School, in the auditorium.

Parents Night Out will be a dinner seminar on “Smart Discipline” by speaker Richard Voorhees.

Voorhees guarantees that after the two-hour seminar, parents will have better tools to discipline and work with their children.

“Smart Discipline” is the work of Dr. Tony Koenig, who wrote a book about the subject.

Julie Romas, Director of KFC, said she heard Voorhees speak on “Smart Discipline” a few years ago, and was very impressed with the program.

The two-part approach works with parents to create a consistent, simple discipline schedule and looking at how day-to-day events affect a child’s self-esteem.

Romas said that she fields the most questions from parents on how to handle disciplining children, so she felt that bringing Voorhees would give parents more tools for helping their children.

Voorhees said that his program is a combination of stepping on parents’ toes and encouragement with a lot of insight in a short period of time.

The “Smart Discipline” practice works with parents to learn the positive and negative beliefs children have about themselves, and to instill positive behavior beliefs.

Voorhees tackles issues such as disrespectful talk, arguing, whining, homework issues and bedtime struggles.

Romas said the presentation is ideal for parents, and is entertaining as well as informative.

“They should come so they can have more effective and consistent discipline at home,” Voorhees said.

Voorhees worked with emotionally handicapped children in Benton Community Schools for 14 years.

The program is free, thanks to the Step Ahead/Literacy Council, and free childcare is provided for the families that attend.

Parent’s Night Out will be from 5-8 p.m., at Forest Park Elementary School.

The registration deadline is Nov. 1.

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