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Debate goes on, even without Dems

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The political debate featuring Brazil City mayoral candidates, Republican Jim Sheese, and Democrat Ann Bradshaw will have an interesting twist Thursday.

The Brazil Times received a press release Tuesday afternoon from Joe Broyles, Chairman of the Clay County Democrat Party, stating, “The Democrat Party has made the decision not to participate in the political debate that was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007. The reason for this decision is the fact that the Democrat candidates were not extended an invitation until it was read in The Brazil Times.”

Broyles did not return a phone call to The Brazil Times seeking comment.

The Clay County Farm Bureau and Clay County Chamber of Commerce are co-sponsors of the event.

Clay County Farm Bureau President Marshall Nuckolls said he was unaware of the Democrats’ decision to pull out of the debate.

“Nobody sent anything personal to either party,” Nuckolls told The Brazil Times. “My personal feeling is I think it’s wrong.”

Nuckolls met with the Clay County Farm Bureau Board Tuesday evening to discuss the issue and the majority favored to conduct the forum after all.

“I think it’s rather unfortunate that they decided to do this,” Nuckolls said.

However, board member Marvin Schopmeyer pointed out that invitations were sent out to candidates who participated in the primary debate earlier this spring.

Schopmeyer said he and The Brazil Times sent out the invitations.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, Nuckolls said he had worked on coordinating the upcoming debate, along with the Clay County Chamber of Commerce and debate moderator Lee Reberger.

“We didn’t know (the invitations) were sent out before,” Nuckolls said. “We were unaware anything was sent out.”

Several general election candidates expressed their views regarding the Democrats’ decision Tuesday.

“I regret it because I think it will take from the opportunity for people to evaluate both parties,” Republican Clerk-Treasurer Janet Wallace said. “I think that it is unfortunate for voters.”

Wallace’s counterpart, Democrat Karen McQueen, said she was never invited to the debate.

“The first we ever heard of this forum was in the newspaper,” McQueen said. “We’d be more than happy to participate. Just maybe under some different terms.”

Sheese said he still plans on being at the YMCA Thursday, where the debate was scheduled to take place, and added he never received an invitation.

“I guess we’ll carry on,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’ll talk to the people.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be there at 6:30 p.m. I’ll guess we’ll let the people decide.”

Bradshaw said she believed that voters would “understand” why the Democrats pulled out of the forum because members of her party were not notified.

“When I found out about it, I read it in The Brazil Times,” she said. “I was shocked. I heard nothing.”

Republican Chairman Sharon Koehler said, “Quite frankly, I’m not totally surprised.”

“I’m disappointed,” Koehler continued. “This is the first I’ve heard of this. I think the citizens will suffer. I’m just real frustrated.”

Democratic Party Secretary Ed Nevins delivered the press release to The Brazil Times Tuesday. Nevins said Democratic candidates running for election were not notified, something he said had always taken place before.

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It seems to be a childish stand and the losers again are the voters.

-- Posted by halbertst on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 7:06 AM

OK. For one i dont really dont know why you people at the Times office erase out state of opinion. You want us to respont to the stories that you post on here and yet we do respond but go and erase it that is just not right. But wait, I know why you erase them it is because we who knows what the truth is we say it on here and you people dont like it. Also I was on here late last night to speak my mind about the story that was on THE DEMS PULL OUT or whatever it was and all deleted and the story was change to. It was changed to that the DEMs where in so I have no thing to ask.ARE THEY IN OR ARE THEY OUT AND.RIGHT KNOW THEY ARE OUT BUT LATER TONIGHT ARE THEY GOING TO BE BACK IN. WORD OF ADVICE TO THE EDITOR OF THIS STORY MAKE OUT YOUR MIND AND GET THE FACTS RIGHT.

-- Posted by i hatefakepeople on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 8:26 AM

Hooray for the Democrats!! Why would they want to participate in something that was unethical from the very beginning? Did candidate Sheese know about the debate during the planning stages? Did he have input on how the debate was designed? Did he have input on the questions to be asked? Some insiders say he did. Is the moderator of the debate related to candidate Sheese? I understand that he is. Why in the world would you schedule a debate and not contact the candidates or even check the calendars of those who are the major candidates? I have never heard of a debate where candidates are not notified!! At the very least, this is a lack of common courtesy. I can even smell a rat here...the unethical way in which this debate was approached. Both organizations should withdraw their spnsorship. Their good names are in jeopardy. They should conduct future debates, but the planning should be placed in the hands of people who are interested in a fair debate...not whether one candidate has all the answers before the debate is conducted. The Republican candidates should withdraw from the debate, too. The Democrats are right. To participate in something that is unethical from the beginning is certainly a bad start for the next four years. Mr. Sheeses said he did not get an invitation. Obviously, he did not need one. If he played any part in this shananigan, how can we trust him to be our mayor. If Candidate Sheese wants to debate himself, let him do so. If I was involved in either sponsoring organization, I would not be part of it!!

-- Posted by scwh1974 on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 9:21 AM

No matter who sponsored and planned this debate it is a good thing. This is just more brazil billy political jousting. I couldn't agree more with halbertst!! The voters and citizens of Brazil are the losers again. Unfortunately the only thing we know about either of the parties candidates is what is printed in this paper.

-- Posted by Gizmo on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 10:04 AM

An intelligent, articulate candidate should be able to convey his/her message effectively no matter what the "structure" of the forum. By Mr. Sheese taking advantage of the opportunity to speak with the voters without a dissenting opinion, I think more damage is done to the democrats than participating, even if it were skewed in favor of one participant. Truthful, thoughtful answers will convey a message. If scheduling dictates a candidate's absence then I would state that, if it is a matter of control of the forum, that is a purely political play for power. Personally, I would prefer an honest person, even if they are getting bullied in the forum, because an intelligent voter can decide for his/her self about the fairness of the question, and the manner in which the question is asked. I don't plan to attend the debate as my schedule will not allow it....there, that wasn't so hard.

-- Posted by almostfootballfree on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 11:06 AM

I checked some of the facts regarding the debate and it appears to have been a predetermined event. When Mr. Sheese was my teacher, he called this kind of thing cheating and rightfully issued the grade of F to the student. Because Mr. Sheese should have known better, I give him an F minus. Looks like the Democrats have the character, class, and credibility that it takes to run a successful community. Some may think it is not important. I think it is everything.

-- Posted by scwh1974 on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 4:51 PM

Mr. Sheese was my Science teacher in at Brazil Junior High School and I am completely offended by the reference that at school he would have done the right thing but in politics he would choose a different path. Jim Sheese has lived his whole life with honesty and dignity. If you know Mr. Sheese personally or had him in class, you know he would always choose the path of integrity.

-- Posted by 5longyears on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 5:15 PM

Intelligent voters can figure this out easily, it seems the Republicans all knew of this back in Sept. So why did!nt the Democrats? In the long run it all boils down to who has the morals and values to run this town. And Honesty is a value. Lets take a look at what Mayor Bradshaw has done since July 31st. A new police drug dog, which was badly needed. Some streets paved in a short time. A drug detective that works 24/7, and has joined the Drug Task Force. Three major meth lab bust in this short time. An open door policy in the Mayors office literally. So figure it out, why wouldn!t the Republicans not want the Democrats there. Or want them to look foolish. Is it the Debate that is important or the quality of service an administration can give. Morals and values seem to be lacking these days maybe it isn!t such a bad idea to go back to them.

-- Posted by teleu on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 5:59 PM

It seems to me as if there are alot of people responding to this mayoral debate and they do not have all of the facts. The democrats have been aware of the forum from the beginning. Bradshaw was aware of the 1st one for which she did not even show up and she did know that there would be a second one. Someone was even trying to get her in touch with a debate coach to help her out. Bradshaw is not a good public speaker, it makes her nervous. This is their way of fixing the whole situation for her so that she does not have to attend the forum and look like a fool. Public speaking is out of her comfort zone. She doesn't even run the council meetings half of the time. She has the president of the council do that for her. If some of you would attend the meetings you would be aware of this. Way to go to the republicans for going ahead with the forum. It is not their fault that the domocrats have chosen not to show up. This whole bit of "I didn't get invited" is a bunch of childish acting if you ask me. The Brazil Times published a full page add on October 12 about the forum. Why are the democrats just now saying "we were not invited?" Let's grow up and have a good election and leave the politics behind. Half of the city of Brazil doesn't even vote. If everyone who is responding would get involved in the whole situation and get the facts we would not have so much misinformation out now.

-- Posted by waytogo on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 7:41 PM

Hooray for scwh1974! Do you know Mr. Sheese? Or even who he is? I am of the same opinion as 5longyears - as a student of Mr. Sheese, I too am offended by your remarks. Cheating? Maybe if the other party had done their homework and read our local newspaper on October 12, they would have realized that their assignment was due in almost two weeks. And if you miss the due date because you are not prepared, there is no make-up test. Mr. Sheese taught me that my freshman year.

@scwh1974: Assuming 1974 is your birth year, I am younger than you by more than a few years, but I've been around long enough to know that we always have candidate debates before a mayoral election. As for notifying the candidates, I think an article in the local newspaper almost two weeks before the debate should be sufficient notice. The candidates do read our local paper, don't they?

To respond to your remarks of so-and-so knowing so-and-so who is in charge of this-and-that, are you really serious about your conspiracy theory? Brazil has about 8,000 people. In the bigger picture, that's not a lot of people. Now take the people who are active in our community, the people whose names and/or faces you recognize when you read the news or shop at Kroger, Lynn's Pharmacy, or Pell's. These are the local business owners, managers, financial advisors, insurance agents, physicians, real estate agents, school teachers, and emergency responders. Do you think that these people don't come before the council when they need a lot rezoned? Or when the sidewalk in front of their business presents a safety concern? The fact that one person knows or is related to someone else means nothing in a town this size, and for one of the above mentioned people to be related to someone on the city council? I thought ALL of us Brazil-Billies, as we were so affectionately called by Gizmo, were related to each other in some way. Heck, I'm pretty sure I'm related to someone in an elected and/or appointed city position!

I just hope that the concerned people of Brazil (aka voters) look at the facts before punching the red Cast Ballot button on November 6.

-- Posted by JJBrazil on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 10:37 PM

Wow. Those fonts in my last post are MESSED UP!

-- Posted by JJBrazil on Wed, Oct 24, 2007, at 10:38 PM

I am a voter and I have been aware of the issues going on. It is a shame that coolgals do not have anything better to do than try and slam others and act like roughnecks all the time. You are a joke! Why don't you take the time to learn to spell and use proper grammar? Ann Bradshaw has done wonderful things since she has been in office. She deals with people in a professional compassionate manner. Unlike Jim Sheese who never has a smile on his face and uses intimidation and others to do his dirty work. As far as Karen McQueen-- she is the only smart choice for the position. She is educated and can run that office without costly errors that Wallace has cost the city. Both are a clear choice for me.

-- Posted by ariesgirl on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 8:21 AM

The only thing I have to say is we really don't have a good choice! The acting mayor is getting credit for things the previous mayor had in place. Do some of you people really believe that she could get streets paved that fast. Government moves to slow or did you all just sleep through Government class in high school.

Mr. Sheese is about as movitvated as a turtle. I don't agree at all with his wife quote that he will do the job with a smile on his face. I have never seen the man smile!

I can say with great relief that I'm moving out of Brazil!

-- Posted by Partrosie on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 9:36 AM

Ok now ariesgirl who is slamming who now and another thing I have been out of school for year. and I am far from being a young kid I am 69 years old and the coolgals was my CB handle You say all I do is slam others well what are you doing to Mr. Sheese he is a wonderful man and yes I have seen him smile and he is the one for 2008 Mayor if anyone could do the job it would be him and it is a shame that you can slame someone but others can not. and is ashame you have to blame the kids on everything.

-- Posted by coolgals on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 12:38 PM

If finding out in the Brazil Times is not an invitation then how is it that the Democrats used the Brazil Times to inform Janet Wallace that she was to be suspended. They were aware of the debate and they should participate. There is still time for them to pre-pare and attend. I am a Democrat even know my aunt is republican and I think it is bad for the party to not attend.

-- Posted by Wallace on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 1:35 PM

sorry I forgot to put my name on the last comment!

Bradly Wallace

-- Posted by Wallace on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 1:36 PM

I have seen Mr. Sheese smile. I did not have him for a teacher, but I have become a good friend of his wife. Before my son was born, along with 3 other teachers' new children, he made adorable wooden rocking horses for all four babies. I have given him pictures of my kids on them, and boy did that make him smile. He is a very kind man and really cares about the children in this community. I think he would be great for Brazil.

-- Posted by 5yearstoolong on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 3:19 PM

Okay. First of all, maybe pulling out wasn't a good choice. Their reason for this is a little shady. But, who was the moderator for this event? Lee Reberger was suppose to be the moderator. He is also the Republican Club President. That maybe isn't intended to be biased, but in reality causes some tension. I'm sure Lee would do a great job and would remain neutral, but it just doesn't seem fair to the democrats to have the republican club president as the moderator.

-- Posted by OntheRight08 on Thu, Oct 25, 2007, at 4:25 PM

I feel that since Ann is female, someone pulled something like this because they expected a female response. "Well I just will not go where I am not invited" It worked.

Ann Bradshaw is a kind and decent person. I am sure that Sheese is also a decent fellow. You vote for the person you believe will get things done for Brazil. Someone with a little vision and experience. Ann has alot of experience and I like that she got a drug dog. We need a person who is willing to work hard.

Personally I cannot vote since I am out of the city. However from where I stand, Ann you need to stand up to the dirty politics. Its all part of the game. Someone hurt your feelings? Get some thick skin. Its life. But stand up and face the VOTERS QUESTIONS if you want the job.

-- Posted by Pearl2083 on Mon, Oct 29, 2007, at 10:27 AM

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