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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Believe In Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts

Little elusive nothings dressed in white

Do you hear them in your quiet bedroom

When you settle down at night

Do they brush against you like a feather

Like an ever so gentle springtime breeze

Or do they send little winter-like chills

That can make you shiver quiver and freeze

Those shadow sharing little ghosts at night

Can be your worst of worst of all nightmares

If you dare to turn on the overhead light

You won’t find them lurking nowhere anywhere

Somewhere in the dimmest darkest shadows

Hidden somewhere past the covers out of sight

They will soft step out of nooks and crannies

So grab your blanket and hold it tight.

Copyright 2007 Mary Lou Lynch Sartor

This week Paul and I are planning a wiener roast/ Halloween party. Some of the grandchildren will be coming from Brownsburg and Lori’s daughter, Olivia Erin Cory and her friend Dustin will join us.

We plan to introduce our gang to a few friendly ghosts and not so friendly ghosts while they are here. Paul always spooks the kids. He is usually upstaged by nocturnal critters in the thick woods hereabouts. They provide eerie sound effects that grab the kid’s attentions. The coyotes and owls are a very vocal on a clear crisp night, especially, when the moon lights the stage. My little master of fright performs his disappearing act, usually in or near our neighbors’ place --Rest Lawn Cemetery. I’ve known Paul for over fifty years and the agile fellow still works on my blood pressure when he jumps out of the darkness and more; this old girl won’t even go to bed if he turns out the light before I get safely tucked in. Should I look forward to that? Yes! It is more interesting and exciting than reruns on the History Channel.

A walk down the moonlit paved roads takes me back to my childhood and memories of the Halloween antics of my late brother and father. They surely did enjoy scaring the daylights out of the fairer sex of our household. I can still hear their laughter. I can see my mom scolding the boys that would be boys! I treasure the thoughts of it all.

Our great-granddaughter Avery Isabella, age three, will be the only child present, however, when our family get together on such occasions; we are all happy playful kids. Isn’t it wonderful that the simple pleasures of life are still the best gifts of all!

Paul and I are looking forward to our 50th anniversary celebration, at Traditions, November 17, 2-6 p.m. All of our family will be there, except, Lori’s daughter Sarah. She is expecting to deliver during that time-a boy.

We are hoping you can stop by and say hello or sit a spell. Don’t forget to mark your calendars. If you don’t know us when you get there, you will before you leave.

Ever since the 50th reunion of my class, Class of 1957 of Brazil High School, I have been telling you about my friends. Where did they go after they tossed their caps in the air? Thanks to their bios’; I have that information. A great group--a barrel of good apples! I jumped out so that I could look in.

Virginia Lamb Shultz and I were classmates at Meridian Street School. The perky little redhead was kind and practiced good manners. I learned from her.

Virginia tells us that immediately following high school she began working at Recipe Foods in Terre Haute and then Columbia Records. She compiled the yellow pages for a small company in the Chicago area for a while and finally she worked 12 years for the Brazil Housing Authority as housing manager.

The lovely lady married Ed Shultz on June 1, 1958. They have two children, Charles Ed and Beth and four grandchildren. Ed and Virginia live in Hadlytown. She attends Christ Community Church where she teaches preschoolers and is involved with other projects.

It was good to see Jerry Wallace again. He has lived in Homer, Illinois 50 years. Jerry has been married 47 years. He and Jo Ann have three children--Kim, Nikke and Will. They have four grandchildren.

For 32 years, Jerry worked at the University of Illinois Willard Airport. He likes to fish and travel.

Wanda Bruer Coffin excelled in school. “Science” was her course of choice. She very active in band, played the French horn worked on The Student Staff, worked in the SHS office, belonged to the Bowling League and more. Since Wanda bade BHS farewell, she has been spent her life being a good mother to her three children (two girls and a boy). She has worked in the medical profession, as first assist and a surgical technician, specializing in neuron and orthopedic surgery.

There are many more shining apples in my barrel, but I must close the lid for now.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 N. Elm St., Brazil, Ind., 47834 pmlsartor@aol.com.