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Poll: Residents waiting to shop for Christmas

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's that time of year again.

The holiday season came into full focus Thursday with Thanksgiving Day, a day of fellowship with family, plenty of food to eat and, of course, football games.

The holiday shopping season officially kicked off Friday with "Black Friday," the day where it's difficult to remain patient on the highways as motorists trek off to the shopping malls, looking for deals and Christmas gifts.

In its latest online poll, The Brazil Times asked readers if they planned on heading out Friday to begin Christmas shopping.

The answers included:

* Yes, I can't wait,

* It's possible, but doubtful,

* No, I'll wait a few days and maybe longer, and

* Not at all.

The polls are not scientific, but if there is any truth to them, few planned on doing so.

Of the 134 readers that voted on the poll, 67 (50 percent) said they had no desire to get out on the roads Friday and battle traffic or shop for Christmas gifts.

A total of 30 voters (22.4 percent) said they might wait a few days while 28 voters (20.9 percent) said they couldn't wait to get out on the roads. Nine voters (6.7 percent) said it was possible, but doubtful.

One reader left a comment regarding the current poll, stating, "I won't be heading out because I was smart enough to get it done before Thanksgiving."

The current Brazil Times online poll is "What is your favorite part of the holiday season?" Answers include:

* Spending time with family,

* Giving and receiving gifts,

* Lounging as much as possible,

* Decorating around the home,

* The food, and

* Remembering the purpose of the season.

Poll results

The following is a rundown of poll answers from The Brazil Times' recent online poll:


"Do you plan on heading out to start Christmas shopping Friday following Thanksgiving?"


* Yes, I can't wait -- 20.9 percent (28 voters)

* It's possible, but doubtful -- 6.7 percent (nine voters)

* No, I'll wait a few days and maybe longer -- 22.4 percent (30 voters)

* Not at all -- 50 percent (67 voters)

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