UPDATE:Pipe bomb diffused

Friday, November 23, 2007

While hundreds of Wabash Valley residents enjoyed the 2007 Christmas in the Park Parade on National Avenue Friday evening, members of the Indiana State Police Bomb Squad Unit diffused a pipe bomb at the Clay County Justice Center parking lot.

Shortly after 6 p.m. Friday evening, The Brazil Times posted a notice to the community at the request of Clay County Sheriff Mike Heaton.

Heaton said a section of Jackson Street behind the Clay County Courthouse and in front of the Clay County Justice Center was closed as a precautionary safety measure due to an investigation into an alleged pipe bomb brought in by a Clay County resident who found it in some scrap metal purchased at an auction.

The area was closed off until shortly after 7 p.m., when a bomb technician safely detonated it in the center's parking lot.

Heaton said there would be an investigation into the origins of the pipe bomb.

Although no injuries were reported during this incident, the Indiana State Police and the Clay County Sheriff's Department recommend that if anyone comes into contact with a suspicious item believed to be an explosive device they do not move it. To report the discovery or location of an explosive device, contact 911 dispatchers.

"A pipe bomb is a very volatile item, and are prone to premature detonation," Heaton said. "They are very dangerous and shouldn't be moved because they can explode and cause serious injury or death."

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