Letter to the Editor

Beeler will be missed by many

Sunday, November 25, 2007

To the Editor:

He will be missed.

If for you some reason you didn't know Bill Beeler (Better known as Santa) it was your loss.

Bill truly was Santa. Just to look at Bill, you would see this big burly man with a loud voice and tell it like it is attitude.

Hey, don't let that fool you. Bill was a teddy bear, a heart of gold, always laughing.

One thing that really stood out is, Bill loved children.

He really thought he was Santa. Throughout the 60-plus years wearing the suit, I and many thousands thought so too.

Bill lived to sit in that Santa house in Forest Park even though many nights, the breaker would blow and he would have to unplug his heater and sit in the cold.

He didn't complain much. He didn't want to miss his children.

Often, Bill would relate many stories of the visits from the children, many times bringing him to tears.

Yes Bill, my friend, we will miss you.

Pete Paullus,