People to People Student Ambassadors sending Northview sophomore to Australia this summer

Friday, November 30, 2007
Ashley Roll

Culture, friendship and promoting peace are on the agenda for a local student traveling abroad this summer.

Ashley Roll, a sophomore at Northview High School, is a delegate for People to People Student Ambassadors. She, along with a group of about 40 Indiana high school students, will be traveling to Australia for 20 days in June.

"New friendships would be what I'm most looking forward to. I love people! I'm also looking forward to getting into a host family's house and learning their culture," Roll said.

Roll also said seeing the Sydney Opera House would also be a highlight.

"I absolutely love opera," she said.

The longest Roll has been away from home has been seven days, but she's not worried about the length of the trip.

"It seems like it's going to be such a fun and packed trip, I don't think I'll think about it," she said about her first international experience.

People to People, started by President Eisenhower to promote international relations, sends students in all levels of school to other countries, and welcomes students from other nations to learn about the United States.

The program includes months of meetings before the trip to learn about the destination, as well as meet and get to know the fellow students traveling in the delegation.

Roll's group is based in Bloomington, and will begin meeting in December.

She said she has heard of other local students who are going on the trip, but have not spoken to them.

Before she can go, though, Roll must fundraise to help fund the $7,000 trip.

She has already started selling suckers and baked goods.

Also, the Applebees on South 3rd Street, Terre Haute, will be holding a "Dine in to Donate" function on March 4. Patrons who bring in a flyer from Roll to Applebees that night will have 15 percent of their bill donated to Roll.

Applebees is pitching in again on March 8. That morning, Roll will be serving breakfast with family and friends to people who have purchased $5 tickets. Roll will be selling tickets, and is looking for local businesses to help sell tickets too.

"I've heard of a lot of people who have gone and done fundraisers through Applebees," Roll said.

Roll also said her Stepdad found that his co-workers would support her by purchasing homemade baked goods.

For the holidays, Roll is asking for decorations from local business for a small, professionally decorated Christmas tree to be raffled.

All of her fundraising work will put Roll one step closer to the 17-hour flight around the world.

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