Letter to the Editor

Thanking a local funeral home for its compassion

Sunday, December 9, 2007

To the Editor:

Thank you French Funeral Home.

In the early morning hours of Dec. 5, 2007, we lost a big part of our lives, our beloved, faithful friend and pet, Kody, our husky.

We were blessed with him for 12 short years.

We didn't want to put him in the cold ground, so we decided to have him cremated and keep his ashes with us forever.

We called French Funeral Home to come to our home to pick Kody up.

When Nick arrived, he was dressed in a sport coat and dress pants with him.

He brought a white casket and a white blanket. He placed the white blanket in the casket and gently put Kody in the casket and wrapped the white blanket around Kody.

The respect and sympathy that Nick showed us, one would have thought we had lost a relative rather than a pet.

We feel Nick Knew how much Kody meant to us as we had already been through this two other times this summer when we lost Keiska and little Jake.

At that time, Holly Neal was such a blessing to us with her words of comfort and gentle ways during these very trying times.

Our animals are very precious to us and to lose them is very heartbreaking.

We are so thankful for Holly Neal and Nick French of French Funeral Home for the respect and thoughtfulness they have shown us as we deal with the loss of a part of us.

Kody, Keiska and little Jake weren't "just dogs." They were a big part of us and our lives and will remain in our hearts forever.

Thanks once again Nick and Holly.

You've made these loses a lot easier.

Dave Lark,

Marcia Stewart,