Letter to the Editor

Those directions were needed

Sunday, December 9, 2007

To the Editor:

The morning of Nov. 24, I was on my way to an early morning wedding at the Rock Run Church.

I had no idea where the church was at, but I went with a cousin who said she had gotten directions.

But we got lost anyway and found ourselves at a sign that said, "Welcome To Vigo County."

I knew then I was totally lost.

I saw a house not far from the sign and went up to the door and rang the bell.

This fine gentleman came to the door, he must have been having his breakfast, and I noticed he had no shoes on.

I told him I had to get to Rock Run Church by 10 a.m. and he started to give me directions, then said, "Oh, just wait a few minutes while I get dressed and I will take you to the church. You can follow me in your car."

Well, he did and it was a long way. I could never have found it.

When we got there, he opened his window and pointed to the church and then drove off.

This has been on my mind ever since because I wanted to thank him. I hope he gets to read this. He will know it is him and also by reading this, he will know how grateful I am for him being my special good Samaritan.

Have a happy healthy new year.

Jo Cassidy,