Letter to the Editor

Watch those comments that you're leaving

Sunday, December 16, 2007

To the Editor:

As I reviewed The Brazil Times online the other night, I was quite surprised at some of the (comments) I had read.

I am not trying to preach to anyone or even trying to be a "religious freak," unless you are a judge that is certified to make decisions on individuals why not leave your opinions regarding the deaths of the young teens up to them, better yet why not let our creator (God) handle this one.

I am not saying you're not allowed to have opinions, I realize these tragedies affect everyone, young and old, but some of these (comments) I would venture to say were adults.

Come on, adults, this is a perfect opportunity to lead these young children to Jesus. How else are they supposed to get through these tragic events? I have to say he is the strongest support when I'm in need.

None of us know what happened that day with the young man, whether it could have been a medical issue or just pure irresponsibility, it is not our place to judge, and why someone would get offended over a cross being hung, I would have no idea.

This is something young friends and family chose to do in a positive aspect, would you have rather them met there with meth and marijuana to help them cope with their grief, or in peace with spirituality? Adults especially, this is the time to support positive issues, not to put them down.

Children and young adults, we have to realize death can happen to anyone young and old, but we have choices to make in our life that no matter where we are if we have Jesus in our hearts, he will be the one to make our final decisions based on his love for us, not anger that certain people have to show.

One last thing, I am by far perfect, and I know I have been at fault for having opinions in the past, but I am now trying to lead three young children down the right path and hopefully with the rest of the communities support in this matter, we could set a good example and perhaps have more positive issues come about rather than drugs or accidents.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Beth Timberman,