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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today, snow clings to the old dying and dead Catalpa tree that I told you about. This week, nature and time separated the twins born from a common root system. One half of the object of my affection fell to earth and dug in gracefully leaving no stone unturned. I don't think she was planning to travel so soon, because her trunk was almost empty. Her rings weren't there either! She missed the utility shed and the garage that love built, those buildings, of which, she once stood between, stately. Unfortunately we weren't home when she laid down her arms and surrendered not far from a hole almost to China.

Her buddy, already in the process of dying, suffered additional wounds. Even if her better half should make it until springtime, she won't be full of "beans" and vigor like she once was. Of course, I probably won't be either. Time processes everything, naturally. It sure did turn that tree's world upside down! Of course it could be saying, "I won't have worms anymore!"

I read that another, once, handsome green landmark, far more useful than that old tree, is gaining some attention. The water tower is in dire need of such, in this writer's opinion.

Hopefully, the cemeteries owned by the City of Brazil will be treated better in 2008, as well. I live by Restlawn. The top of one of the cedars toward the frontage toppled and has rested on a section of twisted fence for several days. The white paint on the black wrought iron fence is chipping off exposing the rust.

Vandals, young unsupervised children and old alike have bent spokes and bars. The branches of mulberry starts entwine around the same. Inside, fast moving mowers have chipped, turned over and or broken and moved expensive stones, old and new. A sizable tree grows in the middle of a fine evergreen near the Doyle plot. Closely, Mrs. Meunier, her babies, and other family members rest. How many man-hours would be wasted removing that?

Discarded pop cans, whiskey bottles and faded plastic floral arrangements have been pitched into my pasture.

In short, the city is not getting what they are paying for. It takes more time, each time, to do the job right. How do I know? I have been there and done that. I worked for $1.60 an hour and earned every penny of it. I cared. I will decorate nine of those graves tomorrow with bright wreaths of greenery and red poinsettias. One of those people, once upon a time, was a caretaker of that cemetery too. He cared.

Norval Pickett Jr. improved the roads and the overall appearance thereabouts of grounds. Cemetery upkeep was a priority as far as he was concerned

The late Jim Sanders supervised the workers and always went the extra mile for the City of Brazil, in that capacity.

The loved ones and friends of the deceased and passersby took notice and appreciated that.

Kenneth Crabb kept a close eye on Restlawn. The roadway that leads to it; Elm Street was not neglected. The right side of the road met up with a bushhog, to my property line, at the city limits, when deemed necessary and snow was cleared the same. We picked up where his street crew stopped and others and us enjoyed a good road to travel to the dead end.

After all, ours is no longer a dirt road that leads to an old cemetery that is traveled lightly. Some of us are still moving about.

Congratulations to our newly elected leader, Mayor Ann Bradshaw! Don't worry Ann I rarely call the mayor's office to complain, rather; I put it in writing. Besides, we have a "House" in the house. We will be fine!

This week I contacted a member of the Class of 1957 of Brazil High School that was not in attendance at our reunion Sept. 21. The last time that Lena Barnett and I conversed was on graduation day. Boy, was she surprised to hear from me! My dear classmate lives and works in Indianapolis. She has one daughter that lives in California. The gifted seamstress regrets that she missed the reunion, but she has been having back pain.

I informed my favorite sewing buddy of long ago that I plan to send her a Christmas package containing the picture, bios and other information, including copies of Brazil Buzz that mentioned our mutual friends.

She better watch her mailbox; the package is almost ready for Santa's promise to be realized.

Well, my friends, I must check on the stuff in the oven.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 N. Elm St., Brazil, Ind. 47834 pmlsartor@aol.com.