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Re-capping Central Indiana dirt racing

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Wallen family goes three-wide out of turn four at Lincoln Park Speedway. (Pictured near to far) Ron Wallen Jr., Ron Wallen Sr. and David Wallen all finished in the top-six in bomber points.

Times Sports Editor

The 2007 racing season had plenty of highlights for drivers and fans around the state of Indiana. Though the winter chill has settled in for the next few months there's no reason not to celebrate the accomplishments of drivers from around the state. Lincoln Park Speedway, Bloomington and Paragon all showed off the talents of plenty of local drivers on warm, and sometimes chilly, weekend evenings.

Clay and Vigo County drivers had a great deal of success on the dirt, taking one track championship and grabbing nine total top-five spots in season points' chases.

Jeff Bland Jr. celebrates a sprint car victory at Lincoln Park Speedway. Bland was the points champion at Bloomington Speedway this year in his rookie season.
The Bomber division at Lincoln Park Speedway was especially well represented as Terre Haute's Lloyd Walls grabbed his third championship in five years.

Walls, sponsored by RP Productions Custom Cabinets, Maher Contracting and Dr. Steven Black Optometrist, won four features this year at the Putnamville oval and edged out Clayton's Ben Williams in a tight points battle, 933-to-923.

Williams was the top feature winner in any class at LPS, winning six times during the 2007 season in the very first Franklin-built bomber.

Following closely behind that pair was four Brazil drivers, including the well-represented Wallen family.

Ron Wallen Jr. was third in his No. 3 bomber sponsored by Bedwell Tire and was followed closely by Chad Nolte and Wallen's father Ron Wallen Sr. David Wallen finished in sixth place.

Brownsburg's Billy Puterbaugh had a season to remember, winning a track championship at both Lincoln Park and Tri-State Speedway.

Puterbaugh won four times at LPS this season and showed a degree of dominance during the heat of the summer.

He was able to edge out Brownsburg's Robbie Rice by 130 points with Terre Haute's Shawn Krockenberger in third place, edging out one of the up-and-comers in sprint cars, Jeff Bland Jr.

Phil VanSant of Centerpoint, placed fourth at Lincoln Park Speedway in the modified division. VanSant was just 10 points outside of third place.
Bland, in the ServPro sponsored ride, became perhaps the youngest points champion in Bloomington Speedway's history and received the distinguished "Rookie of the Year" title from the North American Non-Winged Sprint Car Poll voting panel.

Bland dialed in LPS late in the year to score two late victories, joining Dickie Gaines and Casey Shuman, who each had a pair of wins. Bloomington's Bobby Stines won three times.

Kenny Carmichael Jr. had his ups and downs this year in a sprint car, placing fifth at LPS.

However, Carmichael earned a track championship in the super stock class in the Carmichael Exhaust, L & R Roofing ride. He won three times this season, finishing just behind Avon's Doug McCullough, who placed second in the season points, but won four different times.

The points battle came down to the final week before Carmichael edged out McCullough 943-to-929.

Joe Whisler of Plainfield, finished with 904-points, took two features this season and placed third in the points.

Fillmore's Curt Leonard also snatched a pair of victories in super stocks on his way to a fourth-place finish just ahead of Greencastle-native, Kris Starks. Cloverdale's Carlos Bumgardner won a pair of features and finished eighth in season points.

Putnam County earned another track championship in the passenger seat of Greencastle's Paul Bumgarder, who repeated as Lincoln Park champion.

Bumgardner, piloting the Cardinal Rigging & Millwright Contractors, Durabuilt Racing machine, won twice this season to edge out Terre Haute's Kenny Carmichael Sr. and his car owner, Gary Hall of Martinsville.

Center Point's own Phil VanSant cruised home to a fourth-place finish to edge the "Clay Oval Cowboy, Coatsville's Travis Shoulders, by 19 points.

On the red clay at Bloomington, Bland took the big trophy in sprint cars, but Danny Holtsclaw was hot on his heels, finishing just 23-points back. Hometown hotshoe, Jon Sciscoe didn't have to travel very far on his way to a third-place finish ahead of Stines and Kent Christian.

Bloomington's own Shelby Miles, in his O'Neal Wood Product sponsored modified was the champion of the red clay, but had success nearly everywhere he went. Miles won 11 features this season and was third in the UMP National points race and was first in the state of Indiana and the East Region.

Kent Robinson was second in Bloomington points and seventh in the national UMP Points, just behind Jesse Cramer, who was third on the red clay. Greg Amick and Josh Eads rounded out the top-five for modifieds.

In the super stocks, Jeremy Hines pulled out to a 904 to 831 win over Troy Clark with Chris Hillman in third. Joe Lucas placed fourth with Travis Howe rounding out the top-five.

At Paragon Speedway, Hillman took the super stock title with 1,085-points to beat out Mitchell, Ind. pilot, David Woolston's 1,078.

In the sprint car division, Bloomington's Steve Rone was the points champ by just nine-points over Martinsville's Adam Beliles with Bloomfield's Chris Babcock in third ahead of Josh Cunningham and Coatesville's Miranda Throckmorton.

In the bomber division, Gib Ham III was the champion by 14-points over Mike Moody, also of Martinsville, followed by Jeremy Payne and John Grenier Jr.

Danny Ray won the pure stock points title at Paragon.

And in case there is any doubt about where the top sprint car drivers in the country hone their craft, the North American Non-Winged Sprint Car Poll voting panel voted Jamestown's Jon Stanbrough the driver of the year for the second consecutive year.

Stanbrough drove his Fox Brothers' sprinter to 30 feature wins this season and his car owners, Brad and Steve Fox, also received the 2007 "Team of the Year" award for the second time.

Stanbrough beat out USAC national titlist, Levi Jones of Illinois, USAC-California Racing Association (CRA) champ, Tony Jones and Indiana's Dave Darland.

Lincoln Park Speedway final points

Sprint Cars

1.Billy Puterbaugh (Brownsburg, Ind.) 935, 2. Robbie Rice (Brownsburg, Ind.) 805, 3. Shawn Krockenberger (Terre Haute, Ind.) 736, 4. Jeff Bland Jr. (Springville, Ind.) 729, 5. Kenny Carmichael Jr. (Terre Haute, Ind.) 693, 6. Andrew Prather (Martinsville, Ind.) 657, 7. Kent Christian (Paragon, Ind.), 8. Casey Shuman (Indianapolis, Ind.) 582, 9. Kenny Carmichael Sr. (Terre Haute, Ind.) 570, 10. A.J. Martin (Greenwood, Ind.) 569, 11. Todd Kimmell (Avon, Ind.) 503, 12. Eric Krockenberger (Terre Haute, Ind.) 486, 13. Danny Pollock (Greencastle, Ind.) 416, 14. Kyle Krockenberger (Terre Haute, Ind.) 427, 15. Danny Holtsclaw (Bloomfield, Ind.) 416.


1.Paul Bumgardner (Greencastle, Ind.) 979, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr. (Terre Haute, Ind.), 3. Gary Hall (Martinsville, Ind.) 777, 4. Phil VanSant (Centerpoint, Ind.) 767, 5. Travis Shoulders (Coatsville, Ind.) 748, 6. Dan Lewellen (Clayton, Ind.) 710, 7. Chris Brewer (Bainbridge, Ind.) 668, 8. Jared Hix (Clayton, Ind.) 640, 9. Jeremy Edmondson (Jasonville, Ind.) 618, 10. Harry Shepherd (Terre Haute, Ind.) 520, 11. Robert Albright (Greencastle, Ind.) 502, 12. Rick Fulford (Greencastle, Ind.) 494, 13. Jay Turner (Crawfordsville, Ind.) 452, 14. Matt Bex (Avoca, Ind.) 432, 15. Jeff Wellum (Dennison, Ill.) 414.

Super Stocks

1.Kenny Carmichael Jr. (Terre Haute, Ind.) 943, 2. Doug McCullough (Avon, Ind.) 929, 3. Joe Whisler (Plainfield, Ind.) 904, 4. Curt Leonard (Fillmore, Ind.) 848, 5. Kris Starks (Greencastle, Ind.) 816, 6. David Bumgardner (Greencastle, Ind.) 776, 7. Mark Dickerson (Greencastle, Ind.) 760, 8. Carlos Bumgardner Sr. (Cloverdale, Ind.) 754, 9. Ritchie Hawkins (Terre Haute, Ind.) 740, 10. Joe Starks (Amo, Ind.) 602, 11. Jeff Starks (Fillmore, Ind.) 484, 12. Bobby Price (Franklin, Ind.) 456, 13. Paul Wright (Terre Haute, Ind.) 382, 14. Tony Erdly (Jasonville, Ind.) 376, 15. Jacob Wright (Terre Haute, Ind.) 366.


1.Lloyd Walls (Terre Haute, Ind.) 933, 2. Ben Williams (Clayton, Ind.) 923, 3. Ron Wallen Jr. (Brazil, Ind.) 798, 4. Chad Nolte (Brazil, Ind.) 785, 5. Ron Wallen Sr. (Brazil, Ind.) 763, 6. David Wallen (Brazil, Ind.) 749, 7. Gary Long (Rosedale, Ind.) 746, 8. Ron Smith (Terre Haute, Ind.) 728, 9. Stan Sandusky (Rockville, Ind.) 706, 10. Travis Heramb (Terre Haute, Ind.) 657, 11. Marlin Burns (Stilesville, Ind.) 622, 12. Michael Thompson (Brownsburg, Ind.) 577, 13. Larry Shelley Jr. (Brazil, Ind.) 546, 14. David Daniels (Dugger, Ind.) 525, 15. Robert Hogan (Bowling Green, Ind.) 516.

Bloomington Speedway Final Points

Sprint Cars

1.Jeff Bland Jr., 695, 2. Danny Holtsclaw, 672, 3. Jon Sciscoe, 653, 4. Bobby Stines, 639, 5. Kent Christian, 537, 6. Chris Babcock, 536, 7. Kenny Niflis, 503, 8. Arin McIntosh, 498, 9 (tie). Dickie Gaines, 473, 9 (tie). Brady Short, 473). 10. Cole Whitt, 448, 11. Jimmy Light, 444, 12. Chad Boat, 436, 13. Ty Deckard, 434, 14. Eric Smith, 425, 15. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 417.


1.Shelby Miles, 986, 2. Kent Robinson, 977, 3. Jesse Cramer, 927, 4. Greg Amick, 885, 5. Josh Eads, 814, 6. Matt Boknecht, 792, 7. Clint DeMoss, 769, 8. Matt Bex, 758, 9. Chad Combs, 738, 10. Brian Yeatman, 730, 11. John DeMoss, 704, 12. Bradley Sterrett, 619, 13. Michael Sterrett, 619, 14. David Lawson, 613, 15. Ray Humphrey, 563.

Super Stocks

1.Jeremy Hines, 904, 2. Troy Clark, 831, 3. Chris Hillman, 788, 4. Joe Lucas, 777, 5. Travis Howe, 773, 6. Jack Frye, 770, 7. Travis Todd, 766, 8. Winston Howe, 735, 9. Steve Hollars, 692, 10. Josh Burton, 688, 11. Kevin Arthur, 657, 12. Mike Jones, 628, 13. Tami Lawson, 616, 14. Ked Hollars, 540, 15. Ben Dubois, 519.

Paragon Speedway Final Points Standings

Sprint Cars

1.Steve Rone (Bloomington, Ind.) 991, 2. Adam Beliles (Martinsville, Ind.) 982, 3. Chris Babcock (Bloomfield, Ind.) 967, 4. Josh Cunningham (Bloomington, Ind.) 952, 5. Miranda Throckmorton (Coatesville, Ind.) 931, 6. Jim Dugan (Franklin, Ind.) 920, 7. Ray Kenens (Battleground, Ind.) 884, 8. Michael Bridges (Indianpolis, Ind.) 837, 9. Dusty Wright (Terre Haute, Ind.) 822, 10. Tony Reed (Paragon, Ind.) 821, 11. Dustin Beliles (Martinsville, Ind.) 803, 12. Doug Heck (Brazil, Ind.) 797, 13. Brian Crawford (Rosedale, Ind.) 786, 14. Johnny Johnson (Bloomfield, Ind.) 784, 15. John Johnson Jr. (Bloomfield, Ind.) 721.

Street Stocks

1.Chris Hillman (Camby, Ind.) 1,085, 2. David Woolston (Mitchell, Ind.) 1,078, 3. Steve Hollars (Bloomington, Ind.) 1,058, 4. Scott Fisher (Indianapolis, Ind.) 1,002, 5. Tony Anderson (Bloomington, Ind.) 996, 6. Jeremy Potts (Bloomfield, Ind.) 992, 7. Mike Jones (Bloomington, Ind.) 947, 8. Daniel Heidenreich (Bloomington, Ind.) 882, 9. Steve Peeden (Martinsville, Ind.) 880, 10. Mike Vest (Franklin, Ind.) 754, 11. Tony Walker (Bloomington, Ind.) 714, 12. Willie Marcum (Bloomington, Ind.) 681, 13. Ked Hollars Jr. (Solsberry, Ind.) 670, 14. Jimmy Jackson (Nineveh, Ind.) 663, 15. Danny Harris (Bloomington, Ind.) 655.


1.Gib Ham III (Martinsville, Ind.) 1,128, 2. Mike Moody (Martinsville, Ind.) 1,114, 3. Jeremy Payne (Mooresville, Ind.) 1,072, 4. John Grenier Jr. (Quincy, Ind.) 1,042, 5. Scott Sheeks (Martinsville, Ind.) 1,039, 6. Jake Leitzman (Paragon, Ind.) 1,008, 7. Bud Sachtjen (Bloomfield, Ind.) 973, 8. Justin Porter (Bloomfield, Ind.) 909, 9. Mike Ham (Camby, Ind.) 900, 10. Don Baker (Martinsville, Ind.) 895, 11. Danny Heidrick (Gosport, Ind.) 828, 12. Joe Wrightsman (Mooresville, Ind.) 825, 13. LeRoy Sherfield (Spencer, Ind.) 819, 14. Jim Litton Jr. (Paragon, Ind.) 795, 15. Blake Myers (Petersburg, Ind.) 779.

Pure Stocks

1. Danny Ray Wampler (Spencer, Ind.) 1,134, 2. Dan Wampler (Spencer, Ind.) 1,122, 3. Kyle Zike (Bloomington, Ind.) 696, 4. John Dent (Martinsville, Ind.) 376, 5. James Truax (Gosport, Ind.) 326, 6. Greg Leitzman (Paragon, Ind.) 323, 7. Michael Nail (Paragon, Ind.) 315, 8. Jason Shipp (Bloomington, Ind.) 306, 9. George Perkins (Paragon, Ind.) 236, 10. Steve Cravens (Spencer, Ind.) 225.

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