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Readers favor Clinton in latest online poll

Friday, December 21, 2007

Polls are the "it" word during elections.

People are polled about mostly everything.

The Brazil Times took this into consideration during the past three weeks.

Three weeks ago, The Times started polling readers online regarding the upcoming presidential election.

The Times then took the four top Democratic and Republican candidates and polled readers regarding which candidate they would vote for in the upcoming election.

For the Democrats, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich were the top vote getters while the top Republicans were Rudy Guiliani, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. Readers also had a chance to vote for none of the top eight candidates.

The Times asked its online readers which candidate from either party were they following the most. For the Republicans, Huckabee came out on top with 73 votes (27.8 percent). He was followed by Guiliani, Thompson and Paul.

For the Democrats, Clinton topped the poll with 61 votes (26.1 percent) while Obama followed. Edwards and Kucinich rounded out the polling.

A total of 263 readers responded to the Republican poll while 234 readers responded to the Democratic poll.

More than 200 readers responded to the final of the three presidential polls, with Clinton coming out on top.

Of the 203 readers, 58 voted (28.6 percent) for Clinton, giving her the nod to win the upcoming election.

Clinton nearly had a 2:1 margin in the poll, as Huckabee came in second with 32 votes (15.8 percent).

Paul placed third in the poll with 25 votes (12.3 percent).

Nineteen responders said they would not vote for none of the candidates -- a tally of 9.4 percent -- while Republicans Thompson and Guiliani tied for fifth with 18 votes each (8.9 percent) while Obama was seventh with 17 votes (8.4 percent). Coming in eighth was Edwards with 15 votes (7.4 percent).

Kucinich rounded out the tallies with one vote (0.5 percent).

Three readers also responded with comments to the poll question.

One reader stated, "This country needs a shakeup. Traditional politicians have messed things up badly. Time for someone who will make decisions purely according to the document they swear to uphold when sworn into office."

Another reader stated, "Ron Paul is the only one running that I trust to protect our freedom."

The final reader said, "Where is Mitt Romney's name? People need to do some research. Maybe they'll realize Mitt is very qualified with many outstanding credentials."

In the Republican poll The Times' presented readers three weeks ago, Romney tallied just nine votes, missing out on the final poll by two spots. Republican John McCain also finished ahead of Romney in The Times' Republican poll, tallying 19 votes.

The current poll question deals with holiday stress. The Brazil Times is asking its readers if they are starting to feel the stress that sometimes comes with the holidays. Readers may respond with answers of "Already there," "Kind of," or "No, not at all."

Poll results

Poll Question: Who will you vote for in the upcoming presidential election?

Total responders: 203


Hillary Rodham Clinton -- 58 votes (28.6 percent)

Mike Huckabee -- 32 votes (15.8 percent)

Ron Paul -- 25 votes (12.3 percent)

None -- 19 votes (9.4 percent)

Rudy Guiliani -- 18 votes (8.9 percent)

Fred Thompson -- 18 votes (8.9 percent)

Barack Obama -- 17 votes (8.4 percent)

John Edwards -- 15 votes (7.4 percent)

Dennis Kucinich -- 1 vote (0.5 percent)

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