Letter to the Editor

Business is not closing

Sunday, December 23, 2007

To the Editor:

The first couple of times that Jackie and I were questioned about the status of The Brazil Coffee Company, our first reaction was to ignore any rumor that someone had heard.

Since that time, the question has been raised several more times and I feel it is necessary to respond to the rumor.

For the record, closing The Brazil Coffee Company is not part of our plans. Furthermore, closing The Brazil Coffee Company has not been discussed by Jackie or me nor has it even been considered. Let me spell this out in the plainest words possible: The Brazil Coffee Company is not closing!

The question of are we closing can be answered this way: Why would we? We not only see gourmet coffee and espresso-based drinks, but we also produce a large variety of baked goods, i.e., cheesecakes, muffins, cookies, cakes and on and on. Our custom blended coffee is being brewed in one restaurant and five businesses in Brazil, five in Terre Haute and two additional businesses in the surrounding area. We sell and ship coffee all over the United States and internationally.

We own and operate a seasonal coffee shop located in the Country Store, Mansfield, from April through December. Our Terre Haute location, The Coffee Grounds, is the area's oldest and longest operating coffee house.

Baked goods produced daily at The Brazil Coffee Company are sold in Brazil and at our Terre Haute store. Wholesale bakery is also part of our business with products being sold to and served by reputable restaurants, caterers, and other businesses in several county areas.

Here is my point: The Brazil Coffee Company and other small businesses in Brazil are making an impact in a much greater way and in a larger area than you realize. So, to the individual or individuals who started and continue to perpetuate this rumor and other rumors like this, you're wrong! Rather than wishing for our and others failure, be proud of the accomplishments of all the local businesses here in Brazil.

And to all our friends and customers: Jackie and I are planning to slow down a little bit in the future but again, our plans do not and will not include the closing of the Brazil Coffee Company.

Pete Wilson,

The Brazil Coffee