Letter to the Editor

Remember to support military retirees

Sunday, December 23, 2007

To the Editor:

I was talking with a friend and I wondered "why" if you are diabetic and have to check your sugar by monitor, why so many different "strips" and each machine has to have a special strip.

Why not one strip fit all? Not boasting, I have four machines but strips for just one.

After 40 years of retirement with 15 states that exempt all military retired pay, why don't Indiana Congressmen and Senators get "Hoosier Military retirees" exempted from income tax? Why do some states (eight) have no income tax? Why hasn't Indiana explored this option?

I wonder why two states tax only dividend and interest income? Why hasn't Indiana tackled this issue?

One state even exempts United States Public Health Service (Michigan) and Wisconsin exempts those from the Federal retirement system after Dec. 31, 1963. What about Indiana?

Many states exempt military retirees from state tax.

What is Indiana doing? Many retirees from Indiana are claiming other states as their home.

Then we get to diabetic foods. Why do consumers have to pay much more for diabetic food than the regular canned food?

Why such a great country of ours, do we have offered such big bonuses and burial benefits to survivors, and spend large amounts for advertising for each service, when a draft "all" young people as, yes, Switzerland, where you owe your country a period of time to serve and can do it in non-combat related positions such as hospitals, state parks and such?

Why does politics have to come forth to defeat what's best for the country?

Why are volunteers the only ones who have to face our enemies to protect our country and what we stand for? Why not the rest?

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,