Letter to the Editor

Area man asks community to forgive jailed individual

Sunday, December 23, 2007

To the Editor:

My name is Joshua Light and I was recently a gun shot victim in Montgomery County in October this year.

That's not why I'm writing though. The man who supposedly shot me is being done very wrong and I feel I need to speak out about it. He has three children who love him and miss him and even on Christmas, the jail will not allow them to see there daddy.

What is wrong with you people? He may have done wrong in his community, but why take that out on his children? They were no part of it.

I know some may ask why I care so much about the treatment of this man. Well his children are my best friends' kids and they mean a lot to me and if I can have the heart to support this man after all I have been through, why can't you people?

What is wrong with the world today? I guess we will never understand.

Thank you and have a great holiday.

Joshua Light,