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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sears does business on Sunday. The youthful old captain of this ship is working to keep us afloat. Meanwhile, back at the little blue house at the end of the road, I am home alone working at stirring up a little excitement in the galley.

I just removed a delicious looking cake made from scratch from the oven. I had to scratch my brow to remember all of the ingredients of the recipe that Paula Dean of Food Network raves about. The tube pan filled to the brim with good eats is cooling on the counter. This sweet and spicy cake is always a hit with my little sailor. He sure does love his sugar! I'll bet you would like it also.

By the time you read this Brazil Buzz, Christmas will have come and gone. We will be saying goodbye to 2007.

The year was good for us. No one died and no one suffered. Everyone appeared to be happy and all was well.

However; that's not always the way the cookie crumbles and I am aware there are still a few days left in the month of December to consider.

No one can possibly know what 2008 has in store for us. So, it is best to focus on a positive outlook as we celebrate the forthcoming New Year.

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, public holiday or religious observance, special occasions often gives rise to personal remembrances or inner reflections. Its dawning will provide an opportunity for each of us to look back at our respective pasts as individuals and our collective pasts as people.

Ushering in "the next year" affords us all the opportunity not only to recall where we have been and judge where we are, but also to anticipate where we're going and imagine where we can be.

Of course we want to move ahead, improve and be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives. I intend to work on that until my thoughts refuse to dance out of my head and walk hand in hand with me in perfect step.

My late mother felt that way too. Her children loved her and her way of thinking.

During her golden years a robber came and stole her beautiful mind, methodically, before our eyes, and we felt helpless.

A degenerative disease called Alzheimer's prematurely deteriorated her hopes. Day by day, year by year, little by little, her thoughts slowly drown in stream of lost dreams. She shed no tears. I cried for both of us.

She smiled, but her eyes spoke of a journey of no return. The look is etched into my memory. After several years her tired heart whispered no more!

Geneva Edith Lynch died, in my arms, on a cold day, Jan. 9, 1992.

She once said that I made people feel happy, even if some weren't. She suggested that I never change, in that regard.

So it was, after that sad happening, as each New Year began and begins to unfold before me -- spoken and unvoiced promises that I made to my mom surface, over and over and refresh. That is more than a resolution or an unattainable goal; that is a fact! Maybe in 2008 I can make you smile, if only for a little while.

Some day some of us won't be capable of that pleasant facial expression-- which is a real fear that I have.

I send my condolence to the family of June Pierce. She was one of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She and Bill were my neighbor's 25 years. June was smart, hard working and a very caring person.

I visited her several times during time spent at the Clay Health and Rehabilitation Center. For a brief moment, each time, we were back on Alabama Street, at her house and or mine, laughing about everything and worrying about nothing. I am glad that I knew her. I thank God for the privilege.

Thanks to Gail Roach for the kind words. The multi -talented lady is a good "Neighbor " too!

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line at 613 North Elm St., Brazil, Ind., or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.