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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January is a good time to do some of those household chores that I won't have time to do in the springtime. I don't waste my precious time, burying my head in a pillow, until almost noon, burrowed in under a granny quilt. I have no need to allow cabin fever to overwhelms me.

I spruce things up a bit inside of my little blue house at the end of the road. You know what I am talking about girls. It's time to clean closets, rid our drawers of clutter, clean out the file cabinets, and shred a little paper.

I enjoy my trips through the growing inventory of my, good as new, apparel store. I get attached to outfits that hang on the old fashioned "unhuggable" hangers and can't let go of them. My thinking is; in time, that style will be popular again, usually; I am prepared to move uptown where the fashion mavens strut in the latest styles!

Size 10 stays put. Size 14's little sisters are so cute. I am not sure when those garments last fit; winter's fits of hunger, in the last few years, haven't been kind to my waistline. My hemlines hang longer front side. The hem toward the backside of my garments doesn't stand still long enough for me to assess the damage my appetite has caused. My back bumper is a load to carry. I reckon its time toss the knee-highs and downsize the thighs, as well! Could be that I could use a complete makeover this year, an overhaul if you will.

But who knows, the pounds could bounce off and melt away. Paul likes to shop at Sears and he does sell exercise equipment there. Sometimes a little hint helps.

Last week a bargain Christmas tree, next week BOW-FLEX, next spring, a size 10! Wow, that's enough to make both of us grin!

Coats take up a lot of space, but what's a girl going to do. Adamson's did such a nice job taking care of my coats of many colors over the years and they look and wear great. I don't foresee any of that outerwear grabbing a pair of those outdated shoes from the old tired boxes on the floor and walking out of here anytime soon.

I don't know what I am going to do with that pair of beautiful tan and brown leather fashion boots with the two and one half- inch heels that I wore to my 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Various parts of my legs and feet told me to pitch and forget them. I failed miserably in bringing back an old look for me.

Three hours was the best that I could do, before my Naturalizer low-heeled pumps obeyed my command and crawled out of my handbag and found my naked old aching feet. They walked me through the rest of the day, comfortably.

Now my closet doors are temporarily closed while we take a look at my drawers. Oh, I am so embarrassed. This pack rat had better hide in the closet. The fire marshal might read this. My drawers are jammed full of everything of importance and less. The little and big crowded square containers are filled with items that girls like--keepsakes and secret things, Santa's gifts, sachets and bling bling!

I should mention the junk drawers. We have more than one. I hold no claim to those other than I found my hammer. The man with a plan is in charge of mess under the cabinet top.

Boy, they are loaded with a bunch of stuff. It blows my mind. For the life of me, I don't know why that old boy doesn't dump out his drawers more often. I guess stirring around in them is not a good fit for his fancy. He tells me I can handle the chore. He "pretends" to trust my judgment.

Almost, as soon as, I remove anything or destroy the same, that will be exactly, what my better half will be looking for. Bent nails and cross-threaded screws, old news, dead batteries, plastic trimmer line, tape measurer or twine, it doesn't matter; I am a suspect of a crime, if I messed with his drawers. At my age, do you think I need that grief? I know that I didn't crack open that old buckeye!

I love to shred paper. Writers accumulate a lot of waste paper, including letters of rejection. My storage cabinets cannot hold anymore than the necessary supplies, a fat, up to date, English dictionary, and my "must keep" manuscripts, best pages of poetry and the works of others on their shelves. Everything else is considered for shredding.

Old paid and dated billings and advertising materials; junk mail of every description meets up with the sharp teeth of the handy little machine. I like to nest and store delicate glassware, ornaments and other treasures in boxes filled with piles of sliced up recyclable paper.

Since there is so much to do, I had better get moving. I'll let you know if I run across anything better to talk about besides those dirty drawers. Fact is I was just airing my dirty linen!

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, Ind., 47834 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.