Letter to the Editor

County Salvation Army issues thanks

Sunday, January 13, 2008

To the Editor:

The Salvation Army of Clay County has just finished its 2007 Kettle Drive.

We want to thank each of the more than 300 volunteers who graciously donated 232 hours ringing the bell for the drive.

We want to thank the thousands of people in our community who generously gave their money -- pennies to $20 bills -- to help our neighbors in need for this coming year.

We want to thank Wal-Mart and Miller's IGA for allowing us to ring in front of their stores. We also want to thank Pizza Hut, Chaney's Diner and Yesterday's Pub for allowing us to set up kettles at their businesses.

Because of everyone working together, we have surpassed our $10,000 goal to raise $10,662.36.

This is a new record for Clay County Salvation Army. Not only does the 90 percent collected from the kettles stay in Clay County, but because we, as a community, have shown that we support The Salvation Army in Clay County, the Indiana chapter has granted Clay County a $2,000 grant and will be writing grants for more money to come to Clay County.

It truly has taken each and every person involved giving of their selves, whether it was a child's penny, a person taking time to ring the bell or a corporation allowing us to ring at their door, for this to be a successful campaign.

Almost all the volunteers who rang the bell have reported that they had a very enjoyable time. Bell ringers have shared that they felt a real sense of community, seeing the best in our fellow neighbors by, not only giving money, but by exchanging a smile and "Merry Christmas."

Again, thank you, Clay County, for being so generous with your time and money. We pray that the upcoming year will be a blessed one for our community. We look forward to ringing the bell next year with you.

God bless,

Jenni Chamberlain, Jake Ooley, Denise Buck, Jodi Lohrman